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Leo (July 22-August 23)
You’re near the end of a phase of sorting out. It’s good to go through these from time to time, so you can establish your real priorities. Sometimes the sorting is imposed on you, such as when you’re moving house and must decide what to keep and what to toss. Other times it’s an internally driven experience, which seems to be what happened this winter. Note, this assessment is not quite over—it will take all month for you to prepare your final report to yourself. Be aware that what you’re doing is establishing a kind of contract with yourself about what is the most important to you. You’re deciding what you want to do with your precious time and energy, and moreover, you’re making the decisions now that will influence your life for at least two years. There is part of you that wants to take a conservative approach, avoiding risks and staying to one side of a fine line. There’s another voice in your mind that’s saying now is the time to open up a bold vision and explore the world in a new way. The magnificent bird’s-eye view offered by astrology is suggesting that these two values need not conflict. You can remain true to your most basic values and ethics while pushing open a new world of possibilities. Here is a hint: Your experience will follow your personal development. You will discover something about yourself, and your agenda will follow that revelation.

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