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You may feel like you've got an unusual amount of work piled on you, however the way to think of this is as approaching a truly significant achievement. There may be something you've wanted to accomplish for years, and you now have that potential. It will help if you get busywork out of the way, avoid running around on errands or doing everyone else's job. That is to say, keep yourself on a routine of constantly prioritizing and reassessing your priority scheme. The point of this, if it's not obvious, is to eliminate as many unnecessary activities as possible and direct your energy to what you know matters. If you are uncertain, knock it down the priority list and focus on what you are confident you want to do or know you must accomplish. One thing I can tell you is that by thinking things through and letting your mind do most of the work, you can spare yourself a lot of pointless effort and wasted time. I don't mean worrying, which you're better at than you let on. I mean thinking of your goals, desires and the circumstances of your life as puzzles you want to solve, and getting your thoughts together before you take action. A sketch on the back of an envelope may be enough.

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