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You have a future. That's a big deal right now, with the world living like there's no tomorrow. While it's not a good idea to obsess over the future or to treat it as your only resource, you will live more confidently in the present moment if you know you have time, space, and potential ahead of you. Think of this message as: Take your time rather than waste time. Taking your time means using time well. One particular angle of your chart is trying to get your attention, which is the house that addresses the themes of creativity, pleasure, and risk. It seems as if there is something you want to experiment with or explore, yet you don't know whether to dive in or to hesitate. If this involves something you could call purely creative—that is, some form of expression with few possible consequences—you risk nothing by diving in. If there are some actual, potential consequences, which you must risk in order to succeed, then consider the worst-case scenario. What could go wrong and what are the chances that it will? How can you mitigate those potential effects? Then ask yourself if it's worth taking that risk to achieve what you want to do. Once you decide to proceed, skip all the hesitating and get on with the show.

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