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LIBRA (September 22-October 23)
Saturn is getting ready to make its exit from your sign. It’s been there since right around Halloween 2009, and its arrival may have been attended by all kinds of fanfare. Saturn’s exit is a time for a review not only of that two- to three-year phase of your life; it’s time for a life review, centered on the theme of coming to terms with yourself. If you’re familiar with astrology, Saturn in one’s own sign is a little like the Saturn return: It’s a get-serious point, and an opportunity to leverage yourself to a new point of maturity. The way the world is currently configured, that’s always a miracle; and it’s rarely easy. We’re conditioned regularly to deny who we are, and to pretend we’re someone else. As for maturity, in many places that concept seems to be a museum piece. To the extent you’ve progressed along these lines, count yourself fortunate—though first I suggest you take stock of everything that’s happened since this transit began. When Saturn changes signs to Scorpio in October, the theme shifts to self-esteem—another astounding deficit in our society, and where you will encounter a phase of enforced growth. These processes are always easier if you understand yourself, your agenda, and have a sense of what you need to accomplish. It’s always a bit more than you think—though today I would remind you that in the past few years you’ve come a lot further than you may believe.

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