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Libra (September 22-October 23)

Beliefs interfere with perceiving existence as it is. This is one reason why so much that’s not even vaguely true is accepted on a mass scale; the test of whether something is valid is belief, which favors those who are more convincing. Your astrology this month vividly describes your process of testing every belief that you come across. The question is, how do you know something is a belief? First you have to be curious about the nature of your own thoughts. In a sense, you have to fact-check yourself. When you “know” something and have no basis for that knowledge, or you discover that someone told you but offered you no proof, then you’re dealing with a belief. Another hint will be when you step into a world of multiple viewpoints on the same, something that you’re a bit famous for. Looked at one way, this indicates that you’re working in the realm of beliefs rather than of concrete knowledge. Yet if you are able to look at something enough ways, you will eventually begin to understand its deeper nature—including yourself. It’s time to penetrate through these things into something tangible. You may feel this involves making a commitment to something that you’re uncertain of. Really, the commitment is to finding out; to admitting that uncertainty and finding out what’s on the other side. This won’t undermine your faith in yourself, or in life, or in the cosmos; a commitment to seeking actual knowledge will only strengthen your faith.

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