Libra Horoscope | August 2019 | Libra | Hudson Valley | Chronogram Magazine

(September 23–October 23)

Surprise! You're on candid camera on August 2 when unexpected information is abruptly, and perhaps publicly, revealed. Whether fake news or irrefutable fact, the value of your reputation and good name can't be measured in dollars and cents. Ruling planet Venus in proud and passionate Leo through August 21 believes the best defense is a good offense, yet truth emerges between August 23 and 31, testifying on your behalf in the court of public opinion, as the accumulated measure of your good deeds speak for themselves. Freely given kindnesses are returned with interest: Reap what you've sown and then some.

Lorelai Kude

A practicing, professional astrologer for over 30 years, Lorelai Kude can be reached for questions and personal consultaitons via email. Her Kabbalah-flavored website is
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