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I am sure you've read lots of those annoying little statements in self-help books and "sacred" texts that inform you that when you change yourself from within, the world around you responds. That's exactly what's happening to you right now. Your psychic, psychological, and emotional innards (all part of the same spectrum) are coming into alignment. It's as if you're settling into yourself, and as you do, the world is becoming a different place. If you're feeling any inner divisions, that will soon yield to the palpable sensation of those fissures closing and healing. Much of what has troubled you in the past goes back a long way; in a sense, it was built into your childhood, and it has roots in your genetic lineage. That's one reason why it's been so persistent. Another reason is because it's often difficult to accurately perceive our relationship to our environment—and we're taught that manipulating the outer world works better than working to nourish and strengthen ourselves in the spirit of healing. What happens over the next few weeks will help you finish the repairs to your foundation that you have likely already begun. What seemed like irreversible damage from the past will reveal itself as being subject to healing and growth. You are not the only one who will benefit; the repairs will extend back through the generations. Observe the changes in your perspective as you experience being united with yourself and your environment. There is a word for this—integrity.

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