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PISCES (February 19-March 20)

This is going to be an unusual year. I mean that in the best sense of the word. In one of the most touching Sun-sign horoscopes I've ever read, Rockie Gardiner in the mid 2000s made a comment to Pisces about how the distances you are crossing are so vast, you may have no sense of where you're going or whether you're ever going to arrive. You are now in a phase of arrival. Like most things in astrology, this happens in phases and in layers, though at this time, you are well into the process.

The journey has changed you. Being in a constant confrontation with the unknown, you've learned what to do in an environment of uncertainty. That's been a little like learning to walk across a high wire, which is not such a useful skill until the day comes when you have to walk across a narrow ledge, and then it's easy. You've learned to exist in an environment that is only marginally supportive of who you are. You've learned to breathe air instead of water—a good trick for a fish.

And what now? The world taking shape around you is responsive to your ideas. You are able to grasp where people are coming from and respond to them accordingly. It is mysteriously easier to manifest resources. You have some radical ideas, and you can get them going. As regards ideas, don't just "try" them—become their very embodiment.

The single most significant thing you can take with you as you dance with your transits through 2011 is: Be bold about being different. I don't mean different for your own sake. I mean as different as you are, with courage and curiosity in your heart.

Chiron is going to be the most prominent energy in your chart, and Chiron is always different for a purpose. The most vital skill you can develop is mindfulness. That is the art of being aware from moment to moment, and experiencing life as a constant dynamic between your feelings, your thoughts, and your choices. This is also the year to get very good at taking care of your health.

I state these things not so much as goals but as essential tools you have unusually direct access to, and can cultivate—tools that will serve you well in the wild and unknown country you are about to enter.

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