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I know I’m a writer and this is probably the best horoscope that (as a Pisces) I could write for myself. I also know how many people dearly, deeply want to express themselves in writing and just cannot, for whatever reason, bring themselves to do it. Jupiter changing signs this month is very, very good for writing. It’s even better for ideas. Much of that goodness will come in the form of recognizing the pleasure of the exchange between ideas and their expression. The thing to focus on is the pleasure and sensuality of your intellectual process. Many writers of yore, and I do suppose a few writers of today, imbibe alcohol as part of the writing process specifically to loosen up and experience that sensuality. While I don’t accept or strive for purity in any form, let’s use alcohol as a metaphor for inspiration. Jupiter is associated with comfort, so work in a comfortable space. It’s associated with imagery, so explore that, in the form of images you love and images that you create. Jupiter is associated with anything international, so bring that into the scene. Jupiter is associated with indulgence, so be sure to indulge what you really, truly want to write, and if you don’t know, dive into an experiment and have fun doing it. One last thing: Jupiter is associated with big libraries. Some time in the next few weeks, get yourself to one of those, so you start this transit off right. And as for wine, all hail the great god Dionysus.

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