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PISCES (February 20–March 19)

Enchantment is a natural state of being for you. Events that happen over the next several weeks grant you the ability to differentiate the magic you make with your mind and the inert objects and situations you project your experience onto. You’re being granted a peek at how you are different from your environment—a tricky distinction for Pisces. The benefit of this is feeling more ownership of your mind and deeper communion with the ways you create meaning. It’s like a fish finally noticing it’s different from the water it swims in. Clarity does not diminish the numinous.

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Cory Nakasue

Cory Nakasue is an astrology counselor, writer, and teacher. She counsels clients and teaches modern astrology with a generous nod to traditional practices and wisdom studies. Storytelling is a cornerstone of her work and you can tune in to her weekly radio show/podcast, The Cosmic Dispatch on Radio Kingston and...
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