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Pour that Gravy Slowly: Sun-Neptune, and Mercury Enters Sagittarius
Amanda Painter

With the Sun newly in Sagittarius and Mercury about to join it -- and both squaring Neptune in Pisces -- the sky is urging some caution lest you run (or drive) faster than you really need to and hit a slippery patch. That’s a metaphor for human interactions and your inner thought process, but since Thanksgiving is the busiest travel holiday of the year in the US, consider taking it literally, too.

As Eric Francis wrote Monday on Planet Waves, “Anything square Neptune is slippery, and with the Sun, the bigger they are the more slippery the floor.” He adds that Neptune squares “urge caution, awareness and the gathering of facts. They especially urge keeping a grip on your own idealism and ungrounded expectations.”

If you ever hope or expect that your family will be any different at holidays compared to how they usually are -- and then get disappointed -- re-read that last sentence. Sun-Neptune aspects lean toward believing what you want to believe, regardless whether it’s true or not.

That quality is critical to notice in matters outside of family, too. If you can, spend the next few days gathering additional information about any impending commitments that are on your plate. Consider what might prove whatever theory you’re working with as well as disprove it, using both facts and intuition and noticing where the two conflict.

Mercury enters Sagittarius at 9:26 pm EST Thursday. Mercury in Sadge generally indicates a quick but potentially unfocused mind, one that is thinking so far ahead about the big picture that it misses the details. It’s also prone to foot-in-mouth disease; its saving grace is that it’s sincere and cannot stand deception.

That sincerity gets complicated as Mercury moves into its own square to Neptune (exact Nov. 30). Mercury square Neptune often indicates a creative (if impractical) dreamer at best, or a slick and deceptive mind at worst. In other words, watch for what you sincerely believe as you prove/disprove your theories.

Since Mercury stays in Scorpio much of Thanksgiving Day, notice whether any among the cast of characters gathered around your dinner table (including yourself) seem to be holding something a little closer to the vest than usual. Granted, excessive alcohol or familial patterns of provocation may render that statement moot, or might incite cutting rebuttals in a Scorpionic style.

It might not be until later in the evening while washing the dishes or convening over leftovers (or the next day) that the other part of the story (or the real point of the story) gets blurted out. But by that time, with all the pre-dinner stress over, hopefully everyone will be relaxed enough not to get too bent out of shape.

For that, we could all be grateful.

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