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SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 22)

While most descriptions of your sign cast you as freewheeling and a bit over the top, you know how deeply you adhere to certain core principles that have always served you well. Now those principles are changing as fast as the times in which we live. This is not to say you're going to fly off the rails, but rather that you don't need to cling to concepts that have worked for you in the past, and that you are now abundantly ready to let go of.

Just as any tradition must change in order to be alive, one's personal ethical principles go through an evolutionary process, if we are actually feeling and thinking. For many this means growing more conservative as they get older, which typically means frightened and disgusted. You seem to be growing in precisely the opposite direction—refusing to let fear run your life, and embracing the human condition in total. It's a great gift that you are big enough of a person to do so. In the process you will gain authentic independence from mainstream views that, in truth, seem to serve very few of the people who adhere to them.

Chiron entering Pisces suggests that you are gaining profound sensitivity to your environment. This is true on every level—be it your home environment, the ecology of the planet, or the emotional weather in any situation that surrounds you. Your enhanced sensitivity is likely to have two distinct effects: One is to shift your relationship to your family, in any form that concept takes. Certain things that were bearable will no longer be acceptable. Certain things that are toxic will actually feel that way. And you will seek emotional grounding to a depth that is unusual and, in fact, may be unprecedented in your life. If you find yourself in an emotional crisis of any kind, remember that. Getting in or even near water will help, be it a bathtub or Lake Tahoe.

This year, take another step toward a highly specific mission. In Western terms, we usually call this a career. That's not necessarily the right word. What I am describing is bigger and more important; it's a quest that combines your most "extreme" and unusual skills with the single-minded determination that is the hallmark of your sign. What I am describing is not a role and it's not a job—it's the thing you came here to do.

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