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Sagittarius (November 22-December 22)
One really beautiful element of your astrology right now is a rediscovery of what commitment means to you. You’ve had your ideas—and you know how well they’ve worked. You’re now expanding into a whole new concept. It’s more open-minded and expansive than your prior ideas; you can think of the new concept as a house with many doors and windows, that allows in the light, and where everyone has enough room to exist comfortably. Said another way, commitment is about who you are rather than what you promise. When you offer yourself, that’s something you do with your entire being. One recent lesson involved taking care of the details in advance, so that you can proceed with that full sense of engagement. The old astrology books sometimes tell us that Sagittarius likes to skip the details, being more concerned with the broad strokes. Yet one message of the current Mars retrograde is that the details can set you free—if you address them before they become problems. They are opportunities to refine your goals, and with Mars about to complete its long retrograde through your house of ambition, you’ve been doing a lot of that. Make sure that you condense and consolidate your smaller objectives and never lose sight of what inspired them in the first place, or what they add up to when you consider them together. This is likely to come down to one significant decision you make right around April 14—no sooner.

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