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When you look around and you see a world that metes out amoral and unethical treatment of others, I imagine you wonder what you can do about it. You don’t need to look far to see this, and at the moment you’re particularly vulnerable to noticing injustice. The appropriate response is connected to what you think the cause of these problems is. You may have noticed that it goes a lot deeper than most people realize. Humans are confronted not only with an environment wherein there is exceedingly little trust in many relationships, but with constant effort to use that as a manipulation device. You could, therefore, respond by striving for trust within your personal relationships, and do what you can to correct the small injustices that you notice. In a world where it’s considered ethical to take, you could invest your energy in giving. I suggest you strive to nourish the world not as a special activity, but rather as part of all that you do. While you’re doing that, notice what is nourishing about everyone you meet. There is always something. You don’t even need to like someone to find something about them that enriches your perception. And you don’t need to like someone to be friendly and supportive. One simple but bold approach to avoiding exploitation is to set up the various exchanges of your life on terms that are mutually supportive. And if you give a little more than you receive, you will figure out how much you have.

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