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Sagittarius (November 22-December 22)
Your ability to make contact with others runs in cycles. Yes, Sagittarius is supposed to be the one-pointed arrow of determination, though that has an unusual way of going off in unusual directions where the deepest layers of intimacy are concerned. You know what’s possible because you cycle there fairly regularly. Then you can enter some other realm, and what was possible then seems impossible and even strange to consider. Jupiter’s ingress into the house in your chart associated with intimacy and emotional contact will help stabilize this aspect of your life for a while. The cycles will, at least, slow down, or you’ll become aware of a much larger pattern that you sometimes lose sight of. One topic you can focus on is your capacity to receive. This is one of those edgy issues for many people in our nourishment-deprived society—and it can be frustrating when people are offering you something you want that, for deeply personal reasons, you don’t feel capable of taking in. So, first, practice receiving. Accept what is offered to you without condition. Stretch your capacity to receive, which will challenge you to feel like you deserve the love that’s being sent your way. Notice how you respond when someone offers you the sex you want: observing that one facet of your emotional patterning will tell you a lot about yourself. One thing to be aware of: the more you open up, the more you will be drawn to bolder, deeper adventures. Get clear with yourself, and whether that’s something you really want.

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