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Scorpio (October 23-November 22)

Easy does it, critter. You’re feeling lots of pick-up-and-go right now, but I suggest you pace yourself. Set concrete goals and be happy with making some progress toward them every day rather than achieving all of them simultaneously. This is a matter of health and sanity. Yes you have a lot of energy at the moment; however, you’re also running the risk of burning out if you run your psychic engines too hot. What you’re experiencing is the beginning of an extended phase marked by an increase of your mental energy level. Take some time and get accustomed to your new mental environment. Listen for ideas. If you direct your strength in the direction of mental focus and creativity, you will harness that energy a lot better than by overdoing the action piece. At the very least, a good bit of contemplation needs to precede action, and I suggest you do little test excursions to debug your plan. I suggest you be mindful of the opinions of others; don’t take what they say so seriously, but listen just in case they’re telling you something useful. Mainly, though, listen to yourself: to that quiet voice telling you everything you need to know. Pay attention when you get a signal that you’re overdoing it. If you keep some mind-body balance, you will be at your most brilliant, and that is saying a lot.

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