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Slightly Subtler? Well, Depends on Your Idea of Subtle
Eric Francis Coppolino

My suggestion that we had a subtler week ahead didn't work out in physical reality, as the Boston Marathon was terrorized Monday afternoon. I am still analyzing these charts, though I've given a preliminary reading of the chart on Planet Waves FM.

I know where I misread the astrology last week: the Sun is still in Aries—and I underestimated the power of Mercury entering Aries after a long retrograde phase in Pisces. So it had a lot of energy stored up, and when it went into Aries over the weekend and made contact with the influential first degree of Aries (the Aries Point) there was a big release.

The Sun is still traveling in a conjunction to Mars, a close and potent one, moving quickly across the sky. So before things cool off, they stay hot for a little while. We're also about to experience the Mercury-Uranus conjunction (exact on Saturday, seeming to describe an explosion of ideas, revelations, rebellion, inventions, the unexpected). That develops into the Mercury-Pluto square (exact on Sunday, describing depth, introspection, inner probing, seeking understanding, recognition of transience).

The subtle piece is what it all means—what the events of these days in our lives are trying to tell us. And they are trying to tell us everything that we've been pretending wasn't there.

The chart for the Boston incident is dominated by Neptune, and when Neptune is in charge, we are looking right into our delusion and denial. The problem is that it's like using headlights in a fog. The brighter the light, the brighter the reflection. So it's necessary to dim the light (of conscious inquiry) and slow down (one's thought process) and allow intuition to do its work and trust that eventually something tangible will take form.

Speaking of tangible, planets have now begun to shift into Taurus. Leading the way was Venus, which ingressed Taurus earlier in the week. The Sun follows Friday evening, and there's more to come. Taurus is supposed to cool off the sky a little, but it doesn't always work that way. At least this is changing weather—having either sunny or cloudy weather for too long is boring.

I think it'll also come as a relief to have influences in a Venus-ruled sign (Taurus) rather than so much in one ruled by Mars (Aries). Sun in Taurus evokes the season of Beltane—The May—which is the celebration of life, and the return of growth, blossoms, warmth, trees and little critters to the surface of the planet.

For us up here in the north, it has been a long winter and I'm amazed everyone hasn't gone nuts from cabin fever. No need for that anymore.

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Catch you here next week—and on Planet Waves.

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