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Mediterranean Sea at daybreak, Valencia, Spain.
Eric Francis Coppolino
Mediterranean Sea at daybreak, Valencia, Spain.

The Gemini New Moon is upon us. This is, thankfully, the first solar-lunar event in quite a while that's not an eclipse. Yet it's no ordinary New Moon for reasons I'll explain in a moment. The upshot is that decisions you make now can influence your life for many months. It's necessary to use your intuition, though there are factors that might specifically interfere with doing so. So slow down, and cross-reference between what your intuition says and what the facts seem to be describing.

Take all the time you need. There will be key matters that you can delay for a month or two; others will require action sooner. Make sure you sort out the difference. Under the current influences, it's essential that you verify your facts before making any decision you think is based on intuition or instinct.

The Gemini New Moon is exact Saturday, June 8 at 11:56 am EDT. At the same time, planets are gathering in the water signs, which is a growing emphasis on the emotional level—something that can be the most trustworthy or the very least dependable, depending on your relationship to yourself.

Mars, Pallas Athene (one of the first-discovered asteroids), Jupiter and the lunar apogee (a kind of radical feminine point) all join the Moon and Sun in Gemini for this event. All year a cluster of planets has been following the Sun, though it's starting to fan out a little as Venus and Mercury have pulled ahead and are now in the sign Cancer. So this New Moon is a new alignment compared to what we've had all year—for one thing Jupiter in Gemini is involved, which can have an exaggerating effect. All this Gemini is also a reminder to consider many sides of an issue consciously.

And the Sun and Moon have entered a region of the zodiac where there are some centaur planets hanging out—the New Moon is opposite Pholus in Sagittarius and square Chiron in Pisces. Centaurs are not asteroids. They act with the full influence of planets, only the particular topics are not the ones usually covered by astrology.

Anyone who encounters the centaurs will usually use the word 'intense' to describe how they feel. But saying intense is like describing dinner as hot, when there are many subtler descriptions (vegan, organic, take-out, Indian, etc.).

So, getting into the particulars for a moment: Sun/Moon opposite Pholus might have the sensation of something about to go out of control. It's therefore a moment to practice a higher degree of awareness than you might ordinarily. Walk around the world like you're at Omega Institute, in a fully conscious engagement with life.

When Pholus is involved in a major aspect pattern like the New Moon, that's the time to be conscious of anything related to alcohol. In our society that is often the 'out of control' factor, and it's always a consideration when Pholus shows up. There are other cautions on this topic in the chart, which I will get to in a moment.

When planets are square Chiron, there may be the question 'when are things going to get better?' The answer (where there's a square involved) is when you take action. We do a lot waiting around on this planet, which is understandable given the resistance that can sometimes arise where decisions are concerned. While it's often helpful to spot the right opportunity or not try to swim against the tide, sometimes it's necessary to do what you must do when you must do it.

The chart has a cautionary note, however. In astrology, precise aspect patterns speak more clearly than the fuzzy ones, and there happens to be an impressively tight aspect involving Pallas Athene, Mars and Neptune. Both Pallas and Mars are warrior-like planets; Pallas was born in full armor and Mars is the god of war. When these are square Neptune, there are questions about the use of aggression.

This aspect can be taken many ways, though I would boil it down to a few basic points. One is to be honest with yourself. Mars square Neptune can come with some self-deception, in a volatile environment. Make sure the choices you make are actually helpful; stop yourself if you have reason to believe they are not. There is also the alcohol theme showing up again; if you make any decisions under the influence of a substance, or based on any emotional drama you may have been through, I suggest you pause and reflect.

There's no need to act in a lurch. Other factors indicate that it's essential to know what you're feeling before you make a decision—and a Mars-Neptune square could mess with your intuition. There's a lot of action in the water signs right now, and they are encouraging deeper contact with the emotional realm.

In our world of schedules, constant interaction with computers, the influence of advertising and many, many substances that are designed to shut down the subtle senses, those senses are exactly what you need; they are what's being emphasized by so many planets in water signs (Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Chiron and Neptune, to name the big ones).

That's a lot of momentum. Both grand trines and the water signs carry momentum as powerfully as the tide. Navigating on water is different than what you do on land—you need more lead time; you cannot stop or turn instantly; the water itself will guide your movements and you need to be aware of that influence.

It's therefore necessary for mariners to plot their course well in advance, which means referring to the weather, to the charts and to the compass. There's little room for guessing.

I've covered these aspects in the newest edition of Planet Waves FM, along with Monsanto's misadventures the past two weeks and the conscience of Bradley Manning.

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