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Virgo (August 23-September 22)
Mars has been in your birth sign since November, and on July 3 it heads for Libra. A review of this momentous transit is in order. Mars carries a rather different energy than Virgo, though the two are an essential combination. The point of this transit has been to teach you how to assert yourself. To do this, it helps to be clear with yourself and come from a unified position within your own consciousness. If you’re not in conflict with yourself, it’s a lot easier to stand up to the world. This transit has provided you with the opportunity to work out any misunderstandings with yourself that you’ve been carrying around. Next, when Mars is present in such a distinct way, it’s necessary to learn how to direct your will and your intention. Mars is a sharp object, and it has to be handled with both mental and physical precision; that is the role of Virgo. In sum, this transit has provided you with the kinds of benefits that a teenager gets from taking a martial arts class. Remember what you’ve learned during the past eight months of your life, because they are indeed valuable, once-in-a-lifetime lessons. Now with Mars moving into your 2nd solar house, you get to direct your will and intent into the management of your resources, including money. Mostly, this will amount to an extended exploration (and use) of the concept of balance—the single most important skill when it comes to wise management of resources.

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