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You seem to be involved in many different levels of business arrangements and personal commitments. It almost seems that your quest for self-discovery is being distributed among many situations. This can be confusing, though for the past few weeks it looks like you’ve been experimenting with the possibilities and getting a feel for who your potential collaborators are. This process isn’t over yet, though something interesting seems ready to emerge—which is your vision for yourself. It’s as if the more options you see that involve others, the more you see that you’re different, and that nobody’s model or concept fits your life, your plans or your talent. Yet you can, if you want, draw on the resources and talents of many people in support of your dreams, and that seems to be the most productive use of your options. The beauty of the moment is that no one personal contact is defining or limiting who you are. You now know that you make the final decisions about who you are and what you want, and this is the month to stake your turf. Put down a solid foundation now, in terms of a clear declaration to yourself, as well as some concrete action or investment, and you are likely to see an excellent return on that commitment during the next few months. The bolder and the more tangible your plan, the better. One last clue—anything you’re envious of, you can do better. So don’t waste your time on anything except creating your world.

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