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You may be more emotional than you've felt in years, wondering just how everything you were sure you had worked out is suddenly reminding you of its existence. While it's true that some of what you're feeling is a calling to deeper healing, other experiences are more like reviewing an extremely vivid book of the history of your life. Even though you have made immense progress resolving the past, and doing what my Virgo friend Paloma calls "cleaning the tree" of your family or origin, it's necessary that you stay close to your roots. This is because your roots are your connection to the Earth, and therefore your connection to your own strength. But as you know, this connection takes you deeper than any ordinary concept of the ground, and shifts your awareness to what you might call the cosmic ground of existence. All of your experiences have served to deepen your ability to feel, and to make contact with what many other people would consider to be entirely extraordinary. Therefore, treat all of your experiences and all of your inner feedback with respect and even a bit of reverence. As this phase of your journey continues, it will grow deeper the more conscious you are. It's heading very steadily in the direction of a discovery of yourself, about the true nature of the past, and your deepest origins.

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