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VIRGO (August 23–September 23)

Ruling planet Mercury recovers from the shadow of his post-retrograde in Scorpio by December 7, moving into bluntly prophetic Sagittarius December 9. Say what you mean and mean what you say, now more than ever! You are well able to discern truth from wild exaggeration by the Last Quarter Moon in Virgo December 18. You may wonder if you're trying to gaslight yourself when the Mercury-Neptune square of December 20 attempts to test your faith in your own perceptions. Trust what you know is true! Doubt is vanquished and stability is regained when Mercury enters sober Capricorn December 28.

Lorelai Kude

A practicing, professional astrologer for over 30 years, Lorelai Kude can be reached for questions and personal consultaitons via email. Her Kabbalah-flavored website is
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