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VIRGO (August 23-September 23)

Since late summer, planets have been streaking through your sign, which often indicates the feeling of being driven, an increase in activity and commitments, and, for you, a restless and nervous buzz. This culminates with something fulfilling that arrives with a sense of completion and contact: a conjunction of Venus and Mars on October 5. This is a rare sign of balance in a world that seems to be going increasingly off its rails, hinges, and beams on a daily basis. While relationship matters still have your attention, and may be leaving you questioning your investment of energy, they no longer have the ability to throw you off balance like they have so many times during this long phase of your life.

The essence of this development is integrating the male and female aspects of your psyche. You no longer need to seek either one of these things outside of yourself. The more you integrate them inwardly, the more stable you will feel, and the less power over you people will seem to possess. There remain questions involving joint finances, though you’re in an unusually good position to attain a new level of independence. Rather than being lured out of being grounded and centered within yourself, notice the connection between your emotional life and your economic life, and don’t let anyone convince you that you need them more than you need yourself.

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