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Re: “Food as Self Care: Oliver Weston Cooks the Healing Foods You Don't Have Time to Make

Hannah and Oliver are amazing to work with. I have gluten, dairy and shellfish issues. I have so many choices I feel spoiled! I have several autoimmune diseases and I know this food helps me eat clean and fortifies me. I choose to start my day with soup for breakfast and I am overjoyed when I open my freezer and see Hannah’s soup! Rush dinners are a snap with her entree choices

Posted by drgdrg23 on 11/16/2019 at 4:38 PM

Re: “Food as Self Care: Oliver Weston Cooks the Healing Foods You Don't Have Time to Make

We are HUGE fans of the Oliver Westin Company as my husband is one of the chemo patients that Hannah describes.
Keeping healthy weight on, nausea and neuropathy is a constant struggle. As much as we wanted to follow a GAPS diet, we live in a 525sq foot apartment and we're not in a position to make our own bone broth, have sauerkraut sit on our counter fermenting for several days or produce food that is truly medicinal to this degree.
I searched high and low for something just like the Oliver Westin Company that could help implement my already astonishing amount of cooking I do on a daily basis.
Hanna texts me regularly simply to check up on my hubby as she truly cares about his health.
We are thankful and grateful.

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Posted by janetkayconway on 11/16/2019 at 3:00 PM

Re: “In the Crosshairs: Hudson Valley Hunters

After reading this article today, a few well-known quotes come to mind. I just thought I'd pass these quotes along...

The indifference, callousness and contempt that so many people exhibit toward animals is evil first because it results in great suffering in animals, and second because it results in an incalculably great impoverishment of the human spirit.
--- Albert Einstein

The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.
Alice Walker

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated
Mahatma Gandhi

Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.
--- Albert Einstein

If you are not filled with overflowing love, compassion and goodwill for all creatures living wild in nature, You will never know true happiness.
Paul Oxton

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Posted by Doreen on 11/14/2019 at 6:35 AM

Re: “The Booch Belt: Hudson Valley Kombucha Brewers

Me and my wife love Seek North kombucha! Their story is very unique, thanks for sharing! We'll have to try these other HV options too!

Posted by Glenn Macko on 11/13/2019 at 12:39 PM

Re: “In the Crosshairs: Hudson Valley Hunters

I can relate to a desire for self reliance, communion with nature, and transcendence over the quotidian. I am grateful to have found many ways to achieve all of these without taking lives. We live in a time and place where we do not need to kill someone's mother or child to thrive, to lead rich, meaningful lives. I find it easier, in fact, to learn self-reliance through gardening and supporting coops and community markets; to commune with nature without committing violence in it; and to transcend the quotidian through living life with deep consciousness about the damage I cause.

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Posted by Gretchen Primack on 11/10/2019 at 7:56 PM

Re: “In the Crosshairs: Hudson Valley Hunters

It seems to me at best deeply hypocritical and sociopathic that one "respects" the animal that one is killing for fun or thrill and has a "spiritual" experience while committing an act of deadly violence against sentient creatures that feel pain and have self interest. There needs to be no killing for sport for one to be a conservationist and "return" something to the land. Let's please call this "sport" what it is: murder.

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Posted by Jay on 11/10/2019 at 7:49 PM

Re: “In the Crosshairs: Hudson Valley Hunters

My dad was a hunter. He loved being outdoors, the challenge, the rush. He respected the animals, he cooked what he killed. He was a well- read man, an amateur naturalist.
And years later, he regretted his hunting days. I should have just gone out with a camera, he told me.
He loved animals. And he finally saw the disconnect in the fact that he killed what he loved.

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Posted by Susan Barnett on 11/10/2019 at 8:10 AM

Re: “In the Crosshairs: Hudson Valley Hunters

We cause the problem and then justify killing to solve it. There are many things we can do to respect nature and be environmentally responsible. Killing innocent and sentient beings is not one of them. Go vegan to help the environment, animals, and yourself.

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Posted by Rebecca Lucy on 11/09/2019 at 8:29 PM

Re: “In the Crosshairs: Hudson Valley Hunters

Sport hunting seems barbaric to me. Let nature take care of itself. Do you REALLY NEED to kill something?
Try a bulls eye paper target.

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Posted by Peter Brandt on 11/09/2019 at 7:45 PM

Re: “In the Crosshairs: Hudson Valley Hunters

Hard-wired cultural cliche's are rampant in this article: "communing with nature" (as if one can't do that while NOT killing someone)... that hunting is linked to "conservation" (only by the entities who wish to profit from it; we could be conservationists and direct taxes to support of nature and wildlife, again, without killing anyone), that hunters have "respect" for animals (again, you don't normally kill someone you respect)... and that there is some kind of self-sufficiency that can only be attained by killing another. It goes on and on. It is time we break out of this well-marketed-over-centuries box about hunting to examine who we are today, and how we can best manage and support our natural resources and wildlife now. Wildlife faces record dwindling numbers, and our world is out-pacing our resources. The consumption of meat (farm-raised or wild-caught) is not going to help the situation and we are putting things out of balance. If you want to be in nature, you can go sit out in nature and observe and appreciate it's wonder. But it is time we became a society that didn't enjoy killing, in any way, shape or form, and we stopped celebrating that, promoting that, and letting corporations sell us that notion. The revolution ahead is in the power of plants and in tending the soil responsibly to grow more food for more people (it takes 11-17 pounds of plant protein to create one pound of meat protein.) If we really care about feeding our communities, we can support a food revolution that wants food justice for all - so let's talk veganism and let's talk plant power.

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Posted by Larry Rooster on 11/09/2019 at 2:29 PM

Re: “Outfoxing Lung Cancer

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Posted by maria coker on 11/09/2019 at 10:55 AM

Re: “A Midcentury Modern Temple: At Home with Musicians Hilary Davis and Jordan Moser

This is gorgeous! Beautiful work Hilary & Jordan!

Posted by averystylishgirl on 11/09/2019 at 8:11 AM

Re: “Scarred & Beautiful

Wow this is such a powerful piece. Thank you for bringing this to light!

Posted by bearue on 11/07/2019 at 10:47 PM

Re: “Faces of Change: Kingston

Great showcase of community activists! Love seeing familiar faces and learning new ones.

Posted by bearue on 11/07/2019 at 10:33 PM

Re: “4 Ways to Enhance Your Hudson Valley Home as Soon as You Move In

Lots of great ideas in this article. Just bookmarked both Artistic Tile and MagicPlan :)

Posted by bearue on 11/07/2019 at 10:19 PM

Re: “Kingston Design Connection Showhouse: Brooke Nelson

Go Brooke!! I LOVE what you designed! So gorgeous.

Posted by bearue on 11/07/2019 at 10:10 PM

Re: “Editor's Note: K, bye

Marie is brilliant! What a beautiful and thoughtful curation of the community and its many, many facets. Can't wait to dive in to all these features! Seriously the raise is a no-brainer.

Posted by bearue on 11/07/2019 at 9:52 PM
Posted by Warren Bobrow on 11/07/2019 at 5:43 PM

Re: “I Am

i am tall

0 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Nathan Rubbo on 11/05/2019 at 2:41 PM

Re: “I Am

lowkey this is ok at best

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Posted by Nathan Rubbo on 11/05/2019 at 2:40 PM

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