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Re: “Make Choices, Have Reasons

Eric damaged Eric, by allegedly utilizing his position to groom admirers into sexually coercive situations.

In a situation where no laws have been violated, but the general code of ethics and decency have, the only due process is that of an informed investigation. It seems an informed investigation has been performed, and there seems to be sufficient evidence to make the 'gram feel pretty icky being associated with Eric.

That sucks for Eric that he thought (if the allegations are valid) he would be able to get away with the behavior just because it skirted legal thresholds.

That's a big oopsie. Ain't it?

Good call Brian. Real men don't want accused predators in positions of power. I wish your rebuke of him had more teeth, because he is harassing those he believes wronged him, including random internet commenters. This semi-flaccid rebuke doesn't really help those people much. But it's SOMETHING where there was NOTHING, so if that's all we can get, that's all we can get.

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Posted by Cinammon Girl? More like Eric Francis in E-drag on 07/01/2018 at 6:09 PM

Re: “Moving Mountains

Thank You Eric Francis for this well written piece. The Hudson Valley needs more journalists who will dig deep to get to the bottom of the story. You have done the community a great service.

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Posted by FormerMohonkSupporter on 08/02/2013 at 12:08 PM

Re: “Moving Mountains

Thank you Eric Francis Coppolino for a well written and factually accurate article. The very first lawsuit brought by The Mohonk Preserve was against the entire Town of Gardiner. Mohonk Preserve sued the Town to get out of paying property taxes, property taxes that they had promised to keep paying. In a recent interview with Mohonk board member Norman Goluskin, he said it costs $3 million dollars just to "keep the lights on and pay the salaries". The executive director Glenn Hoagland pockets $130,000/ year alone. This type of spending for a "nature preserve" is truly wasteful and not in the spirit of what open space should be. The only way to stop the lawsuits brought by The Mohonk Preserve against its neighbors is to stop donating.

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Posted by fly on a wall on 08/03/2013 at 7:34 AM

Re: “Moving Mountains

Thank you so much for writing such a brilliant expose on Mohonk's ruthless quest to steal land from adjoining properties! I have witnessed, first hand, the hardship that this has caused Karen & Mike. Thank you for exposing Mohonk's corruption! I'm sorry that this is so as my property borders Mohonk's land & I would like to think that the Preserve is doing a great service to the surrounding area. However, the truth needs to be told!
Toby Stover

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Posted by Toby Stover on 08/02/2013 at 6:54 PM

Re: “Make Choices, Have Reasons

Dear Cinnamon Girl/Eric,
Time is up dude. I have known you have been abusing your power as a pseudo-spiritualist to take advantage of young women since the day I met you in 1997. I hope that you take this opportunity to think about how your actions/abuse of power over the years has hurt so many in our community, all under the guise of sexual enlightenment. You are not an authority on what other people find arousing, and for years, you have acted as such in our community. In fact, you are nothing but a shameless predator who has used your lame local celebrity status to hurt countless people. I don't care if you knew it or not. It's NOW time to learn from your actions, pack up your guitar case full of dildos, and gtfo. Buh-Bye!

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Posted by Veleta Vancza on 07/03/2018 at 3:48 PM

Re: “Make Choices, Have Reasons

Thank you for this public statement Brian. I believe that bringing this kind of information into the light of public view is one of the main ways that the metoo movement positively effects change. Let's keep talking as a community! Thank you, Ella

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Posted by Ella Ray Kondrat on 07/01/2018 at 5:24 PM

Re: “Moving Mountains

As Clove Road residents and real estate donors to the Mohonk Preserve, we were surprised and dismayed by an article in the August 2013 Chronogram. In the Planet Waves section of the magazine an article by Eric Francis Coppolino asserts that the Preserve is guilty of attempting to claim acreage belonging to Michael Fink and Karen Pardini, also Clove Road residents and among the largest landowners in the area. The article, inaccurately in our opinion, depicts the Preserve as harassing Mr. Fink and Ms. Pardini over a number of years in attempts to resolve disputes over acreage claimed by both parties.

Mr. Coppolino, who characterizes himself as an investigative reporter specializing in “fraud and crimes against the environment,” paints the Preserve as a land-grabbing, unprincipled entity that is harassing Mr. Fink and Ms. Pardini. This is not the Preserve we know.

We donated property to the Preserve precisely because we have such faith in its stewardship of the acreage it owns and our satisfaction over many years with its conservation ethic. This opinion was formed in over 50+ years of climbing, hiking and nature appreciation at the Preserve. Indeed, this is not our opinion alone: the Preserve was recently awarded a coveted Land Trust Accreditation by the Land Trust Alliance.

To state it stronger: we are Clove Road owners and residents because the Preserve exists. Without its protection of nearly 8000 acres, development and commercial ventures would have long since destroyed our interest in being here. In discussions with our neighbors over the years, we find that nearly all agree. Like us, they value the Preserve both as a neighbor and collaborator in the preservation of the Shawangunks.

Burt and Anka Angrist

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Posted by Anka Angrist on 08/13/2013 at 11:38 AM

Re: “Won't Get Fooled Again: Beacon, Cold Spring, & Garrison

"and the city is about to get its first craft brewery courtesy of the Hudson Valley Brewery". Two Way Brewing is a great brewery that has been here for over a year now near the train station. This is a pretty bad slap in the face to a great brewer, local business owner, and great guy. You should correct this in the article.

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Posted by Tom Cerchiara on 05/01/2016 at 9:31 AM

Re: “Moving Mountains

While I am grateful for further insight into this case, Eric Francis’ journalistic approach is disappointing. I am an avid reader of his horoscopes and Planet Waves articles, and this diversion from astrological insights into local land debates is striking.

Francis’ bias becomes evident as the article reads on, until it culminates with a sarcastic innuendo. Frankly, I am less concerned with the outcome of the case than with Francis’ slanted journalism. It is rife with conjecture and smacks of cronyism. I question his motivation more than I wonder who the land belongs to.

The purpose of investigative journalism is to lay out the facts so that educated readers may deduce their own conclusions. Francis, however, seems to have his own agenda. The article reads like an homage to great heroes winning a war against evil. Perhaps this is how the story unravelled, but it is Francis, not the facts, who make it read this way.

For my part, I am insulted that the author so proudly asserts his assumptions (Mohonk's repeated "pretending," for instance). Perhaps he should have a little more faith that his readers can draw their own conclusions.
Otherwise, he should stick to the horoscopes.

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Posted by Clover Girl on 08/15/2013 at 10:03 AM

Re: “Make Choices, Have Reasons

I find it fascinating how many Eric Francis apologists there are here. It's almost as if he's sending people to this thread to defend his honor, because "I would never do the things they claim I did!"

I also find it hilarious that calls for "transparency" are being sent through anonymous accounts.

TO ALL FRIENDS OF EFC: You can be friends with someone, and that friend can turn around and do unexpectedly icky things. Nobody is saying you must throw your long-time friend under the bus. You can even privately support your long-time friend. There's nothing ethically wrong with that (provided that you're ok with his behavior.)

But to publicly demean his accusers, that's a step too far. To say the "allegations amount to nothing" when they have clearly traumatized to varying degrees a number of individuals is insensitive, cruel and simply stupid.

As you types are so fond of saying: If Eric did no wrong, then the truth will come out in court. Right? Eric will take the Chronogram to court, where all of his behavior will enter into a permanent public record, and he'll be exonerated.


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Posted by Transparency Anonymous on 07/03/2018 at 12:38 PM

Re: “Make Choices, Have Reasons

I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and I understand your point of view. Your quote"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common well used. My partners and I decided to keep the content of the investigation confidential.

I realize this opens me up to claims that I am trumping up false charges against Eric or not allowing people to decide for themselves.

Eric is neither innocent nor guilty. Our investigation turned up behavior that I did not want Chronogram aligned with.

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Posted by Brian K. Mahoney on 07/01/2018 at 3:10 PM

Re: “Make Choices, Have Reasons

I do not think that there is any sort of insider community where confidential information is being shared. Rather, a local community who have been dealing with offensive and cruel behavior from Eric for a long time. I highly doubt that Eric did anything criminal but that does not mean that his behavior is acceptable. Why is it ok for him to tear apart local businesses blasting them on social media and throughout the community? With no valid reason other than his own controlling and disguisting behavior. As others have stated Eric hurt Eric. He treats people like crap and uses a pseudo-spiritual/I-am-greater-than-all approach to gain... mostly control but perhaps other things as well. This is just what I have witnessed. The Chrono investigation revealed that the publication no longer wanted the behavior that this man displays associated with them. discussion really does not to go any further than that.

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Posted by Let’s move on on 07/04/2018 at 2:04 PM

Re: “Make Choices, Have Reasons

CG: You can go on defending Eric all you like. That won't change the pattern of behavior that the investigation turned up. I wish Eric well, but I don't want him associated with Chronogram. And while there were vigorous internal discussions as to how to handle this situation, I would never do anything to hurt this organization I've spent 20+ years building.

transparency?: Our investigation was internal and confidential. We severed our relationship with Eric as the result of it. Eric is neither innocent nor guilty as this is not a court of law. It's a community. Chronogram reserves the right to disassociate itself from those who we believe don't uphold our values.

Stephen Bergstein: Thank you for having the courage to use your actual name and for your sober and considered comments. To your point: "The touchstone of any fair judgment against anyone is a fair process, not rumors and second-hand allegations": We heard from many, many people, including Eric, about behavior both in the long past and more recent incidents. The decision we came to was not easy, and as I wrote, perhaps a different person might have made a different decision than I did.

Planet Waves Reader: To your note demanding that we remove my column about this: You claim to quote Jason on this:

"This was confirmed on May 20, 2018 by Chronogram founder and Luminary Publishing CEO Jason Stern, and is a matter of public record, published widely in my June 13 article "The Nature of the Beast." Jason said, "The result of a very extensive investigation was nothing -- was that the attorney said, no, there's nothing here -- extensive investigation...that was Ryan's final word.'"

This is not what Jason said. What our investigator told us, and what Jason said, was that there was nothing criminal in Eric's behavior. That's quite a different thing than "there's nothing there."

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Posted by Brian K. Mahoney on 07/03/2018 at 10:59 AM

Re: “Moving Mountains

About the Mohonk Preserve’s efforts to keep their public usage land holdings from being usurped by Mike Fink, certain key errors must be clarified.

The parcels that have been litigated about between Mike Fink and Karen Pardini, and the Mohonk Preserve are on the Clove Road. I am a Clove Road property owner for almost 35 years and have roamed the valley and both bounding ridges for 55 years. In these cases, the Preserve had to respond to incursions upon their longstanding boundaries by Mr. Fink, who tore down existing posted signs, placed up his posted signs, cut logging roads into these neighboring properties and harvested trees. After repeated letters and offers to try to negotiate what the perceived problems were and repeated requests to cease and desist, the Preserve had to file suit to derail the opportunity for “adverse possession” to be claimed by Mr. Fink.

So these suits were brought by the Preserve to stop the invasions by Mr. Fink.

In one case, for which I was a witness, Mr. Fink and a companion suddenly began posting a huge stretch of Clove Road up to and including a long existing privacy fence, followed by painting red blazes on trees descending the hillside right through the garden of neighboring land owners. I have been hanging out and visiting on these lands with these boundaries long established way before Mike Fink ever appeared and long before Smitty got foreclosed on. Fink attempted to extend his land grab beyond Preserve property onto quite a few acres of yet another neighbor. In court, he claimed amongst other things “adverse possession” for these properties, maintaining that he, Fink, had “exclusive use” of these properties for 25 years. So I happily rendered a travel log in court of my various wanderings on these properties over the years , hunting for deer, observing rare salamanders, hiking, and camping by invitation on my friend’s property during a hurricane, etc.

Note that Fink not only harassed the Preserve, but expanded his incursions onto other neighbors’ property. At Mr. Fink’s request, the suits brought by both the neighboring landowners and the Preserve were co-joined. Contrary to the assertions by Coppolino in the article, all of the parties, including Mr. Fink, mutually agreed to settle this case. So of the 2 cases involving Fink vs. Preserve he lost all of his claims upon the non-Preserve neighbor and settled with the Preserve. It is totally untrue that he never lost a case.

As for the current case, which the Preserve did lose at trial court, but is currently appealing, I have observed in my travels up and down the road to destinations usually involving doing something on Mohonk Preserve land, the gradual extension of an old logging road upwards onto the 71-acre former Finger property. My research into this matter, whereby I actually took note of my interview with Preserve representatives BEFORE writing this response, indicates that various incursions onto the land, including cutting of trees and tearing down posted signs and putting up other posted signs, required the Preserve to take legal action. All of the rigamarole presented by Mr. Coppolino to support Mr. Fink’s claim upon this land can be most simply undermined by the following FACT presented by Fink during the court case: A deed conveying the land in question from Michael Fink TO Michael Fink, circa 2009. How's that grab ya?

The evil machinations attributed to the Preserve are actually exclusively those tactics wielded by Fink/Pardini in their long vendetta against the Preserve – adverse possession, squatter’s rights, and quit claim deeds, supplemented by verbal and other harassment of Preserve headquarters, attempts at intimidating Preserve employees, embellished by copious amounts of tearing down of posted signs, and supplemented by positioning his own posted signs.

I rest my case.

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Posted by Clovis Pointman on 08/15/2013 at 4:39 PM

Re: “Planet Waves | February 2018

This is a super-disgusting and condescending take on a women's movement. That said--I'm not surprised at all. Perhaps it's hitting a little too close to home, Eric?

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Posted by QT Pants on 04/10/2018 at 12:16 PM

Re: “Make Choices, Have Reasons

Here's a more fitting link for you, Eric:

"False allegations exist - but they're rare, they're bizarre, and they're easy to expose.

Sexual violence, meanwhile, is neither rare nor strange. It happens every day, mostly to women.

Those facts should bring some solace to any innocent man who is genuinely terrified of being falsely accused.

But they also mean that when a normally trustworthy woman gives us an ordinary-sounding account of assault or harassment, she is probably not making it up.

It means, in other words, that you should believe women - not because you have an obligation to ignore the facts, but because the facts say women aren't lying."

I believe the women.

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Posted by I Believe the Women on 07/07/2018 at 10:23 AM

Re: “Make Choices, Have Reasons

Eric "Funkie Gunkie" Coppolino:

"Done reading the Chronogram forever."

Fine. They don't need you. You can start by no longer reading this thread.

"This is absolutely ridiculous. And now we know who hates Eric and wants his reputation destroyed. No proof of anything just character assassination."

Your reputation is being destroyed. By you. Your character is being assassinated. By you.

"Chronogram and Brian Mahoney are weak cowards."

A bit self-reflexive there.

"The #metoo movement has just committed suicide."

For that to happen #MeToo would have to be:

1. Wrong.
2. About someone notable.

Neither is the case here.

"And furthermore karma will determine who is really responsible for this drama and slander."


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Posted by Eric wrote 2 more fake letters on 07/06/2018 at 9:15 AM

Re: “Make Choices, Have Reasons

Linda, that is an excellent description of the way Eric acts and treats people. As Brian had mentioned in an earlier post--anyone can go on defending Eric all they want, that will still not change the pattern of behavior that Eric displays that was unraveled during their investigation and which probably went on much longer than that. The way this man behaves is no secret to this community. This is the reason he was asked to leave the Chronogram, not on any criminal evidence.
Just as he is asked to leave many local businesses on a daily basis. He is quick to judge others and attack with a online entourage and legal threats. All the times his dog bites others. Not the dogs fault! Eric gets hangry. Must be all the awful restaurants in town! Always ends the same... call the lawyers, bash people online, never accept any responsibility, consume as much attention as possible, bore everyone out of their minds.
Last summer he tore apart a local restaurant, posting his nasty comments everywhere and collecting an entourage of people who live in other states and countries to complain as well, even though they had never been to the establishment. Because... Eric in never wrong, and how awful the rest of the universe is... Eric always being the victim. The best response came from a worker who was actually there at the time: "This is about you. You are disrespectful, argumentative, and condescending" She then explains that what could have been a an easy back and forth became inflammatory.
No one wants to drag this out any further. Thankfully Eric is still employed. Take anyone and everyone to court if that is what you want. Truth always comes out and its not anybody else's fault if you can't see your own behavior.

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Posted by Jenna on 07/08/2018 at 11:15 AM

Re: “Make Choices, Have Reasons

So you admit to writing the statement. Thank you, Eric.

Also, if Brian Mahoney threatened to quit it just supports a growing pattern of people not wanting to work with you.

How are things over at Omega Institute? Oh, wait, they don't want to work with you.

How are things over at Radio Kingston? Hmmm, they don't want to work with you either.

How many times have you been asked to leave Kingston High School for using your "press credentials" to interview unsuspecting young girls?

How many local businesses won't let you walk in the door?

How many times have you been asked to leave Sissy's or Outdated or any other number of places in town?

Calling out Brian Mahoney for not wanting to work with you at Chronogram does nothing to support your argument.

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Posted by Eric wrote the proposed statement on 07/04/2018 at 9:21 AM

Re: “Make Choices, Have Reasons

EFC has used his position as a pseudo- therapist astrologer (despite having no degree in counseling or psychology) to create intimate relationships with women he later denies being in relationships with.

EFC also browbeats anyone commenting on his website comments if they openly disagree with him or call him on his subtle but real misogyny. EFC is like the white person who thinks they are not racist but who will make subtle racist comments or do subtle racist actions; he makes himself out to be a champion of women and feminism while subtly doing things that demean women and make them doubt their own senses and reality. When these women call him on his behaviors, he denies it and accuses the women of making it up, thus gaslighting them.

Like explaining the difficult to see but real damage a narcissistic parent does to their child, women are finding it difficult to describe the damage EFC does to them because it is subtle, often hidden, and does not match the persona EFC has put out to the pubic. Describing it is difficult but these women know what harm EFC has done to them, they can FEEL it. I believe them.

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Posted by Linda Garter on 07/07/2018 at 11:53 PM

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