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Astrological Forecast | October 2023

The Venusian Eclipses of October

The eclipses in the signs of Libra and Taurus are the main event of October. These two lunations set the stage for eclipse season: a time of unexpected shifts and adjustments that bring us into alignment with the parts of ourselves and our lives we have strayed from. Eclipses are like portals or wormholes that can fast-track us to pivotal opportunities and realizations. They can unstick the most stubborn situations and course-correct a trajectory not suited for us.

The first eclipse of the season is a solar (new Moon) eclipse in the sign of Libra on October 14. We can expect major changes in our attitudes towards relationships of all kinds. Most importantly, we'll examine our own people-pleasing patterns and assumptions about safety-in-numbers. The symbol for Libra is the scales, and chances are that they will tip dramatically this month. Wherever we have been unconsciously keeping things peaceful at the expense of doing what is right for us will be magnified. We may find the courage to do the unpopular or extreme thing in order to bring about balance in a larger context.

The second eclipse of the season is a lunar (full Moon) eclipse in the sign of Taurus on October 28. The fall season is a time of shedding, purging, and the beauty of decay, but this lunation reminds us to embody these transformations as regenerative practice. How can we willingly enter the realms of death so that we may fully appreciate life? How can we honor loss, so that we may fully revel in our abundance? We'll be shown how well we've been managing the art of circulation. Both of these lunations are ruled by Venus, which is currently in Virgo, making October a critical month of refining the health of our relationships, our bodies, and our environment.