Gemini | Chronogram Magazine


For June 2012

The whole is not only greater than the sum of the parts—it's a lot more fun, and useful, and interesting. Yet there's another level to this—what you actually do with all this potential. A car is greater than a garage full of parts, but then—where do you go? This month's precise Sun-Venus conjunction in your sign is a clear demarcation point between the past and the future. Wherever you are going, it's somewhere other than you've been, and, I reckon, other than where you expected to go. This will require you to summon flexibility that's unusual even for you, and to facilitate that you are about to release many old tendencies that have kept you stuck in certain patterns and at a certain depth within yourself. Or rather, your relationship to yourself. It's true that you relate to yourself in a way that many people you know do not—consciously, aware of your "inner other." Over the next few weeks, it looks as if you discover that your inner other is actually your soul mate. You don't need anyone else to play this role for you; your friends, lovers, and companions have different roles to play. Your experience of them, and of anything seemingly outside yourself, is rooted in your experience with yourself—and your relationship to yourself. If the planets in their courses say anything about you right now, it's that you are recognizing that your relationship to yourself is something to honor and treasure every day.

 Eric Francis Coppolino