Cancer | Chronogram Magazine


For June 2012

This month's transit of Venus is about healing seeming divisions and splits within the psyche. For you, there is a special theme—resolving something you've been unable to observe closely or give a name to, perhaps until recently. You've lived with the effects all of your life, which may have manifested in what I call the "hemisphere effect"—the potential to experience yourself, or anything, two entirely different ways. They may have nothing in common and one point of view may be entirely exclusive of the other. I would consider this as a potential source of misgivings about yourself, as well as an ambivalence that has followed you through some of your most important relationships. Consider that at some of the most challenging points in your life, you've been experiencing the effects of something inside you projected outward. It's difficult to see the actual process because you've only been seeing the outer manifestation—like studying the projection on a screen rather than considering the film or the projector. The coming weeks contain a moment of profound alchemy, wherein the mirage of an inner split resolves itself seemingly spontaneously—and then you notice a corresponding change in your relationships. You will not be able to predict what happens; challenges or unresolved situations you're currently involved with may work themselves out any number of ways. From the strength and integrity of the current astrology, you can trust that what develops will serve your growth and your long-term happiness beautifully.

 Eric Francis Coppolino