Scorpio | Chronogram Magazine


For July 2012

Scorpio (October 23-November 22)
The child in you is a revolutionary. I don’t mean a rebel—I mean someone with an agenda to set the world right. The challenge you have is to embrace the potential for change, healing, and liberation with the youngest part of yourself, while at the same time bringing in the focus and maturity that is your prerogative as an adult. To this end, I suggest that you do a few things. One is to pace yourself. Yes, time is of the essence, but getting ahead of yourself is a good way to waste time. Take things in order, one at a time. Next, remember that while there may be revolution in the air, at least half of that equation is evolution; and this is a process of trial and error. Yet it can take vast leaps even when contained in an environment of orderly progress. Keep in mind that the unstoppable evolutionary force is in the sign that’s associated with how you think. So for you, as a revolutionary, the core theme is understanding your thought process, specifically for making corrections to what you can think of as your mental genetic code. Like any strand of DNA, this is based on ancient information—though you are clearly aware of the pressing need to bring this up to date. Your goal is to make sure that your thought process is current and not something akin to that of your ancestors who were roaming around the planet in 1895.