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For April 2012

Capricorn (December 22-January 20)
One thing about living on this planet is that it helps to make friends with chaos. I don’t mean warfare or pandemonium—I mean that slight sense of overwhelm, of not being able to keep your house neat, of orderly theories not quite fitting together with what we think of as reality. I am talking about the fertile chaos of not quite being sure what to do, and then you have a real idea. Or the feeling of figuring out that a whole bunch of what you believed in the past isn’t true, which shakes your moorings—and in that moment you figure out something that is actually true and relevant for you. Travel can have this effect on us, by cutting us loose from familiar moorings, which in turn allows us to have a different experience of being. One expression of fertile chaos this month involves certain long-held goals. Some elements are working for you and worth keeping; others on review need to be updated or discarded entirely, to make room for new ideas. One cue to observe for the points of chaotic creative contact are stumbling blocks. When something gets in the way, stop and rethink your plan. When you are typing and type a wrong word, read what that word is and see if you’re trying to tell yourself something. If you lose track of your plan, ask yourself what your objective really is. And most significantly, if someone randomly tries to mess with your idea, listen carefully.