A Poem: Show Us—An Epithalamium | Chronogram Magazine

A Poem: Show Us—An Epithalamium

Show us beginnings without guilt or shame.
Show us devotion that’s given new name.
Show us what feistiness brought you both here.
Show us the tree branch and fruit it will bear.

You ask us to witness—
We ask you to show.

Show us no wreckage of ill-conceived plans.
Show us the triumph of works for four hands.
Show us how faithfulness heartens each soul.
Show us how labor and sweat conquer goals.

Show us the strength of both two and of one.
Show us the power of willing work done.
Show us the small joys of husband and wife.
Show us the awe strike of bringing new life.

Show us the footprints through setbacks and mire.
Show us a love sparked like St. Elmo’s fire.
Show us the courage to stand before all.
Show us your ancestral values installed.

Show us in season;
Show us—not now.
Show us success in the mutual vow.

Show us in your time,
Show us all slow:

You ask us to witness—
We ask you to show.