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Make an Outdoor Paradise with Pavers

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courtesy of Unilock
While natural stone has a timeless, rustic charm, if you weren't lucky enough to buy a home with this as a feature, it can be very costly to add. Not to mention, the irregularity of natural flagstone and fieldstone make it much more time-intensive to use in a project.

Pavers offer a durable and uniform solution for "hardscaping." They come in a range of sizes and styles that can imitate anything from bluestone to red brick to "Turfstone." They are also sturdier and will hold up well in unprotected areas that experience the full fury of the seasons.

Whether your project is big or small, pavers from a trusted brand can make the job easy. "We sell Unilock which is one of the premier brands of pavers. They were founded in 1972, the first North American company to manufacture concrete pavers," says Andrew Jozefowicz of Williams Lumber & Home Center. "It seems like you can build just about anything with pavers. The layout patterns are infinite."

Jozefowicz shares some ideas for incorporating pavers in your landscape:

Planters and firepits
Use pavers to create a retaining structure that can act as either a permanent planter for perennial shrubs and flowers or an elegant firepit for s'mores nights with friends. These structures can be stand-alone or incorporated into a stone patio.

Your patio doesn't need to be a bland rectangle, it should be an expression of your home and your aesthetic. With pavers, you can create whatever shape or layout you want, plus you have the opportunity build in architectural features like pillars, steps, or walls, and luxury lifestyle additions like an outdoor kitchen.

A driveway made with pavers has the historic feel of cobblestone, and infinite curb appeal. Pick a paver that sets off the color of your house and compliments the design. Unilock now offers a permeable paver that allows water to absorb back into the ground, addressing some of the runoff issues common with asphalt and stone driveways.

Paths & front entrance
Can't quite spring for the driveway? Why not spiff up the threshold of your house? Your front path, doorstep, and landing, are all places to add a tasteful touch with the look of stone. Consider adding borders in a different color to make the pathways pop, or vary the horizontal and vertical pavers on a stairway to make the entrance bold.

Pool decks
Unilock offers non-slip pavers that are perfect for poolside areas. The modular system allows for easy access to plumbing lines, while being impervious to chlorine or other pool salts. If you are designing your pool area from scratch, give some thought to how much lawn furniture and recreational space you want to include. What about adding a waterfall? Pavers can be used to add this seamlessly into the pool area.