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Wool Carpeting for a Healthy Life

8 Advantages of Wool Carpeting

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Karastan’s Manhattan-Style wool carpeting is a flooring option that is both tastefully fashionable while offering excellent health benefits for any environment.
If you suffer from respiratory problems like asthma, or if you are concerned about the health of the members of your family, choosing wool carpeting may be your best flooring choice. But it is important to note that not all wool carpeting is equivalent in value due to deficiencies in the manufacturing process which may compromise final quality.

Karastan, one of the world’s leading brands, claims they are the only company in America to produce every aspect of their wool carpeting in-house to ensure optimal health benefits. Beginning with the world’s purest, whitest wool from New Zealand, Karastan confirms its superiority in color retention, as well as its environmental friendliness due to its 100% natural properties. Completely renewable, wool is a biodegradable, non-allergenic resource with inherent antimicrobial properties that will not support the growth of germs like bacteria or predators like dust mites which feed on human and animal skin flakes and provoke a full range of respiratory problems.
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Karastan’s Woolcheck Classics wool carpeting is offered in a range of muted tones which blend well with both contemporary as well as traditional room settings.

8 Advantages of Wool Carpeting

Easy to Maintain

Microscopic fibers on Karastan wool carpeting’s surface make it naturally resilient to dirt, preventing deep penetration within carpet pile so it is easily removed through regular vacuuming.


Wool is a natural fiber which is safe for your family’s health. It will not provoke the growth of bacteria or allow the prevalence of dust mites. Unlike synthetic materials, wool has no deleterious emissions, which is exceptionally important to people with respiratory risk factors.     


Karastan’s wool is woven with a patented technological process which preserves its natural strength and durability, making it one of the longest-lasting of all fibers.

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Karastan’s Highland Tweed wool carpeting is the perfect choice for any setting that would benefit from the timeless beauty of a classic tweed pattern while ensuring optimal long-term health for all members of your family.

Permanence of Fabric Texture

Karastan wool retains its full range of fabric breadth regardless of whether it is impacted by the weight of furniture or other crushing influences. Wool fibers recover naturally and return to their original state of softness, so any evidence of long-term compression disappears particularly when gently moistened after the imposing weight is lifted.

Flame and Static Resistance

Wool is naturally flame-retardant and will not easily ignite or melt. In fact, if a flame touches wool carpeting, it may momentarily char the surface but it self-extinguishes because of the fiber’s high water-content. Similarly, because of this inherent moisture content in Karastan wool carpeting, it will not accept an electrical charge avoiding the annoyance of the typical static shock some people experience with other flooring products.

Walking Safety

The natural composition of a strand of wool includes microscopic fibers which serve to resist slipping as opposed to the very smooth surface of synthetic materials. Wool is truly safe as a walking surface whether with bare feet or any kind of shoe including those which may have wet soles. In a senior environment or one in which human balance is an issue, wool carpeting is the most excellent choice of floor covering.
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Karastan’s plush Astor Row wool carpeting offers a luxurious experience for seekers of comfort for any occasion, any time of theyear.


In cold weather, wool carpeting retains its inherent comfort level and maintains a room’s ambient warmth. In hot weather, wool repels the infiltration of outside heat through the floor, keeping the carpet cool and comfortable to the touch. For both humans and animals in residence, wool carpeting is a soft cushion inviting barefoot contact, playful babies and napping pets to an expanse of healthful pleasure all year long.


Sheep produce wool as a natural protein during the entire duration of their life. This makes wool totally renewable. Since a sheep’s diet is comprised of grass and other vegetation, wool is easily and totally sustainable as a resource. When wool is returned to the earth, it decomposes easily and naturally, providing the earth with beneficial enrichment. In comparison, synthetic materials require an enormous length of time to decompose without any benefit to the earth. This defines wool as biodegradable.

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