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Drills, Skills, and Thrills at NYMA Summer Leadership Camp

Know a kid who thrives on challenge and would like to do something different this summer? At the New York Military Academy Summer Leadership Program, they can spend two lively weeks stretching mind and body studying leadership, STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art, and math) and learning outdoor survival skills in a supportive, structured setting that’s crafted to foster personal growth.
“It’s very much a summer camp—we have a ton of fun here—but the caliber of survival and leadership training we offer can’t be found anywhere else,” says Michael Eagan of NYMA’s admissions department. “It’s a taste of what life at the Academy is like, and some kids just thrive on the camaraderie and structure. They find themselves accomplishing things they can be proud of."

Each day starts with a leadership training session, then an elective such as robotics or art. After lunch attention turns to survival training and sports and an hour of personal time before dinner, which is followed by another two-hour activity, another free hour and bed. There are days at West Point and Storm King Art Center, trips to Manhattan attractions for an additional fee, and kayaking and rafting exhibitions.
NYMA prides itself on a diverse student body; 40 percent are international students. “They come from China, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Senegal—all over the world,” says Eagan. “There’s an unbreakable bond that happens as the corps becomes a single unit, with everyone mastering the leadership skills together. We nurture each kid to develop the innate ability to take responsibility for themselves and for others too—to be accountable and there for each other, and to be productive each day.
Three two-week camp sessions—Alpha, Bravo and Charlie—will be held this summer at NYMA. You can see the 2018 campers in action by checking out the NYMA Summer Leadership Program Blog.
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