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Re: “Make Choices, Have Reasons

At the bottom of this page (link follows this paragraph) which explains all that Eric has been put through, you will find the original letter that Chronogram editors proposed publishing. However, it was not published because (as I was informed) Brian threatened to quit and take down Chronogram in retaliation ... if he didn't get his way.

Assuming these allegations are all true (and I cannot verify 100%) Brian essentially threatened to destroy Chronogram, out of spite, if he didn't get his way ... which was to continue persecuting Eric over something which his own investigation had PROVED Eric had not done.

Is everyone else going to continue being a "Brian" and insist that the allegations, rumors, gossip, they have heard are true ... and continue pressing for some form of retaliation ... even though it is now known that Eric has done nothing wrong?

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Posted by Cinnamon Girl on 07/02/2018 at 4:56 PM

Re: “Make Choices, Have Reasons


The findings of the investigation WERE (past tense) confidential until they were shared. The results of the investigation have been known since the last week in May ... made available by Chronogram editorial staff. So, apparently, not all your partners were in agreement with your decision to keep the investigative findings confidential. Further, if I were just to view your lack of transparency in this matter through the lens of logic, your reasons would fail. Eric is indeed challenging you to make your investigative "findings" public because he is that certain there was nothing that could in any way shame him.

But just look at what your obfuscation has done/is doing ... you are feeding the very negative behaviors that Eric was trying to bring an honest ... and urgent, light to. The #MeToo movement very quickly went from being an important and hopeful response to a very real problem. As someone who has been sexually assaulted three times I, myself, was quick to hashtag "MeToo" in my social media feeds. But then, regardless of the wrong-doing I found myself inclined to believe (and I live in the heart of the movement - Los Angeles), and despite my own experiences, I still wanted to know that all the men accused would "have their day in court" and that true justice would be served. This is important to me because I see that we are also in an era of Constitutional and civil rights being eroded. #MeToo means nothing to me ... even as a woman ... if it happens at the expense of justice. MeToo and justice are not .... can not, be mutually exclusive if our country and society are to have any credibility, honor, or hope of growth. I cannot feel safe if I no longer can trust in my rights being upheld should I ever be accused.

And here I am ... a woman with a professional career, living independently in Los Angeles, posting a sincere and necessary response to your letter and I find myself responded to with "worst possible" behaviors ... dishonesty, perpetuation of assumptions, someone referring to what they think "real men" want, and, oh wait! ... that is the same person who used a screen name to suggest that I may be "Eric Francis in E-drag." One person named "Ella" wrote, "I believe that bringing this kind of information into the light of public view is one of the main ways that the MeToo movement positively effects change." while completely missing that you actually didn't bring ANY factual information into the light of public view (which was the main point of my response to you yesterday morning).

All you brought into public view was a continuation of allegations that you are unwilling to shed any light on, expecting us to trust they are substantial enough to have caused you to sever a long and successful working relationship with Eric, telling us they cannot be revealed due to an agreement that was apparently not agreed upon by everyone and, which having already been made public have already put a huge spotlight on the fact that there was nothing found.

You are perpetuating a negative campaign against Eric ... driven solely by some obsessive compulsion to be rid of him and have public support of that decision and instead of caring about objectivity and fairness (an example you should be setting in your position) you are leveraging the worst-of-the-worst behaviors, inherent in the #MeToo movement to perpetuate this campaign against Eric. From 3,000 miles away, that much is obvious! You keep doubling down on your hand but your hand is already known. As they say in Vegas, "You ain't got nuthin'!"

So you have used your position and editorial voice to further attack a person YOU KNOWN to be innocent of what you set out (at great expense to your publication) to prove he'd done. Why??

What's worse is knowing that when your partners actually wrote an editorial response (I obtained a copy) that exonerated Eric and actually apologized ... you threatened to quit and start another publication that would destroy Chronogram if it were published. You chose to bury the truth. You chose to threaten the well-being and continuation of Chronogram, itself! ... something you had been a part of building. Again ... why??

I cannot begin to know the origins of your obsessive need to be rid of Eric and I will not hazard a guess because I prefer to deal in facts ... but it has NOTHING to do with how Eric treats women. As someone who has known Eric far longer than you, I know him to be both highly intelligent and very, very kind. He has not only been supportive of women but a very outspoken advocate. He has also been that pushy persistent voice we all need in society, getting us to do the right thing, see the truth amidst the B.S., and fighting for inclusion at every turn.

The truth is not always what we want it to be. It is simply what is real and honest. And maybe because Eric seems so very confident and at times aggressive in his pursuit of truth, we overlook how very courageous he is. He knows that to shine a light on injustice and marginalization, he must say some very unpopular things (something akin to poking a stick at a tiger) ... and still he speaks his truth. For that, he braces and prepares for an intellectual challenge ... with research and facts. But he was never prepared for a response in which anger drove hatred ... drove false accusations and a mob-like social response ... the very thing he cautioned of in February. Nor was he prepared for an editorial team which he had worked with for over 20 years, to seek the truth about accusations made of him, find the truth and then ... bury the truth ... leaving the very deliberate implication and impression in the minds of the public that he had done something wrong.

How can the Hudson Valley trust a publication lead by someone who, rather than using the truth of this matter as a teaching moment in how a movement that began with good intentions can get out-of-hand, would bury the truth and perpetuate the lies? That is what you have done. Worse, you have damaged a good person ... an advocate and relentless voice for all.

You and those who have relentlessly perpetuated these allegations against Eric ... even after knowing that he is innocent, may think you have won something. But in the process you have all lost your ethics and sense of fairness because you have all allowed winning to become more important than truth. And in reality, you have lost (at least for the moment) a fine and intelligent journalist, supporter of the human spirit and advocate for all.

How can you ever justify favoring your ego and personal agendas over your integrity?

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Posted by Cinnamon Girl on 07/02/2018 at 1:01 PM

Re: “Make Choices, Have Reasons

By the way Brian ... I have a Post-It note pinned to the wall next to my desk, as well. It says, Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. ~ Buddha

"Reason" is a broad term, ain't it? Having reasons ... that aren't supported by actual reason (or common sense, in your case), are merely wanton, self-serving choices ... as are those you applied to Eric.

What a poor excuse for editorial leadership you are. Grow a pair ... seek truth ... try it today!

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Posted by Cinnamon Girl on 07/01/2018 at 2:10 PM

Re: “Make Choices, Have Reasons

Ahhhh ... the drive-by editorial.

To compliment Eric and his work for 2/3 of his letter but then finish by suggesting that the findings DID prove he had done something(s) worthy of being let go ... THAT ISN'T TRUTH!!

"While the findings of the investigation are confidential, what I found out led me to sever Chronogram's longstanding relationship with Eric Francis Coppolino. It revealed a pattern of behavior not aligned with the values of this publication and the community it represents."

Is leveling a statement like that what you consider due process?? I think you have a really poor grasp on what due process is if you think that is it! Oh wait, my bad ... this is an editorial ... it's only YOUR OPINION (let's make that clear to all). It doesn't have to be fact. This only further damages Eric because; in paraphrased summation, you have said, 'we did find evidence that confirmed Eric's bad behaviors toward women ... severe enough we had to let him go.' But if due process were truly served, the ending would include an understanding of what Eric had done ... a revelation you would have to legally stand behind. Instead, like the manipulative coward you are, you have only done what all Eric's other accusers have done and dropped an implicit accusation, telling the world it is truth ... when we now know your investigation PROVED it wasn't.

As you suggested in a previous paragraph, perhaps this is Eric's "karmic comeuppance." But you still haven't told us for what!! Further, is it your right ... or place ... to assure that karmic comeuppance gets doled out? Shouldn't that be the provenance of Karma, itself? Isn't that how Karma works??

This is like a drive-by editorial in which you realized that the first pass didn't kill Eric because he still had public support and they wanted answers but, because you hope to satisfy the public's curiosity and make them OK with your decision ... this pass should finish Eric off by removing the previously uninformed public's belief and trust in him as well. You assume the public isn't smart enough to know the difference between fact and mere implication ... or to even be mentally capable of registering the level of subterfuge in your letter. In doing this, you insult all your readers of intelligence ... especially those who care for and seek true justice.

As I stated above, you are nothing but a manipulative coward to write something such as this and to fly it alongside a banner of journalistic integrity. You shame the very concept of journalistic integrity ... in fact, integrity itself! And while this may be MY OPINION ... it is considerably more factual that what you wrote.

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Posted by Cinnamon Girl on 07/01/2018 at 1:58 PM

Re: “Planet Waves | February 2018

Mr. Coppolino's quote of Margaret Atwood - "But understandable and temporary vigilante justice can morph into a culturally solidified lynch-mob habit, in which the available mode of justice is thrown out the window, and extralegal power structures are put into place and maintained. The Cosa Nostra [the Mafia], for instance, began as a resistance to political tyranny." is how I (a woman who has been 3 times sexually assaulted) feel about the #MeToo movement. I have seen truly bad men brought down because this movement gave women a cry to rally around and through which to sharpen their focus on those who have abused. But I have also seen women who "pile on" the accusations merely to 'be a part of' or add support and voice to a woman who comes forward claiming abuse ... without knowing if this woman's claim is legit.

I'm all for sisterhood but, I am more for fairness. Watching so many men tried before the mob-like courts of social media sends a chill through me. Is this really how we serve justice? Is this how we legitimize what should be an important movement? Do we, as women, not see good men around us who are now afraid to engage us, joke with us, hold our hands, hug us, or even just ask us out? Is that right? Is that how we want things? Do we really feel more empowered because so intimidated so many men? And why, when we now see them afraid to approach or engage us do we take that to be a sign they are hiding bad behaviors?

It's one thing to send men a warning that 'enough is enough' and to put men on notice that if you are a serial abuser, those you have hurt will now come together as one - BRAVO for that. But what happens when the voices of women who have not be abused by a specific man rally on social media to bring him down as a matter of meting out communal justice ... a trial, decision and sentence; as punishment, all in one fell swoop ... drowning out his voice and his truth?

Is it enough to say that someone was creepy, made you uncomfortable, was persistent - while never having to explain the context? The beginnings of relationships and especially sex, can be "uncomfortable" but that does not mean unwelcome ... that is a matter of consent. There can be consent and you can still leave, feeling uncomfortable. That doesn't mean the man qualifies as worthy of public scorn and admonishment.

I like men. I like being in their company. I know that the next moment of sexual assault could be waiting for me at any time ... even from a man I consider a close friend because that was how the third sexual assault against me went down. But I am not going to stop enjoying the company of men or not welcome reasonable advances and signs of interest. I will not let past experiences or the anger of a powerful movement turn me into a misandrist (a term too few know) - I can't go there ... I won't. But I DO want justice and voice for those who were truly abused ... and only those.

Taking a step back I can see Mr. Coppolino advocating for justice and a voice for ALL who have been sexually assaulted. Is that bad? Perhaps only the timing. I can see that in this moment of mass anger, trying to cover abused men under the #MeToo blanket when women are so determined to finally be heard is out of place and a tad insensitive. But wanting there to be equal concern for men ... and justice and due process for men who are accused, is not wrong.

If we (women) are to at all have credibility, at the very least we need to embrace justice ... not just for ourselves but for all. That means being open and fair-minded toward the voices and opinions of men - the majority of whom are not our enemies. Following my first sexual assault a man came to my rescue - my father. During my second sexual assault experience... DURING (it was public) ... a man stepped in and made short work of my attacker. And I will always come to the aid, and defense of a good man, wrongly accused.

In contrast to the other comments posted here I have to applaud Eric for his courage to say what he has said. It is a conversation that needs to be had - not in conflict with the #MeToo movement but, in support of it and in support of making it better ... making it responsible to truth and justice. We cannot want that for ourselves (women) while neglecting it for others (men).

I would ask that you think of a man you love and care about; someone you know is a good person ... not a boyfriend or lover rather, a brother or father ... and then re-read Eric's article with that person in mind. How would you feel if tomorrow they were accused in the court of social media, under the #MeToo flag, and it cost them their job, their livelihood, their home, their family? Or what if that man you care about was, himself, sexually assaulted. Which voices will rally behind him and under what hashtag? Is he allowed to have that voice? Is Eric?

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Posted by CinnamonGirl on 06/17/2018 at 8:43 AM

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