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A Conversation with Antonio Delgado 

NY19's Congressman-Elect Talks about His Campaign and His Plans for Washington

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BKM: Some people say that since the Democrats now control the House, it's time to impeach Trump. Where do you stand on that?

AD: In the same place I've stood throughout the course of the campaign—we have an ongoing investigation. What all the developments have shown of late is that we have got to protect the special prosecutor, bipartisan legislation that does that. That to me is the priority. Let the investigation conclude. Let all the facts be laid bare, and then, once we have that, we are standing on an evidentiary foundation that I think gives a lot more credence and merit to any decision that is made at that point. I would much rather do that type of conduct, which whatever way you go on this, you want to make sure you have the evidentiary record for the public's consumption, and then that decision, I think, will proceed as it should, whatever that course might be. That also, I think, speaks to the divisiveness, right? You don't want to, I think, react in a way that's not grounded in that, because it just has a potential of just feeding into the divisiveness.

BKM: And if Robert Mueller's fired, what then?

AD: Oh, if Mueller's fired, we have a constitutional crisis on our hands and the game is changed considerably.

BKM: In two years, I hope to sit down with you again for another chat. What will you have hoped to have accomplished by then?

AD: Well, I'm hoping that two years from now we're talking about that rural broadband bill that we got passed. We're talking about the funding that I was able to bring home for drug treatment centers. We're talking about the water contamination legislation that we're focusing on with Rep. Dan Kildee over in Flint to deal with the issues that we're seeing in Petersburg and in Hoosick. And if we're talking about those three things two years from now and maybe something on health care (ideally, I really want to make sure we get to a place somewhere on health care), I'd be very pleased. And, of course, if we're talking about all those town halls that I did over the course of two years; and we talk about all of the offices that I opened across the district; and how we were connecting with people; and how we were so accessible that it gave people the sense that we were restoring their faith in democracy—if all those things happen, I'd be very pleased.

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