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A Galactic Journey: Sun Enters Sagittarius 

click to enlarge The Milky Way appears as a streak across the summer sky. - MILA ZINKOVA, WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
  • Mila Zinkova, Wikimedia Commons
  • The Milky Way appears as a streak across the summer sky.

Just before 11 am EST Thursday, the Sun enters the sign Sagittarius. While on one level all the signs are equal, Sagittarius is an unusual energy from the standpoint of the world of work-a-day, entertainment and gossip. Sagittarius is the direction of the core of our galaxy, which influences everything about this sign.

The Milky Way, our home in space, is a spiral arrangement of some 300 billion stars, a miniature universe of its own. Even with our culture's relatively advanced knowledge of astronomy, the galaxy is an elusive concept to most people. It's still a stretch for many to grasp the spatial relationship involved in how the Earth goes around the Sun—even though we can see both. The galaxy is nearly invisible, appearing in the Northern Hemisphere only in summer, and as a misty, slightly glowing cloud.

Yet at its core is a supermassive black hole, which binds together our island in space. So while on the one hand awareness of our galaxy eludes perception by the senses, it also contains the heaviest, strangest thing anywhere in proximity to our solar system. I would say the largest, but black holes don't seem to take up much physical three-dimensinoal space in our dimension. They seem more like a door into another dimension—a door that is gradually becoming something real.

With these ideas, we've gone beyond what ordinary astrology was designed to handle, and we've also gone beyond what most people can actually feel. Though these concepts have been percolating in science fiction for a while, they seem to have little influence on our lives.

The thing is that they have plenty of influence, especially for those who have made any commitment to a spiritual or metaphysical path, or whose religious journey verges into actual experience. For those exploring these aspects of life, the sense of experiencing something, a calling, a desire, a need, but not being able to describe it clearly, can be a fairly common experience.

It's quite the opposite of the emotional, hormonal pull of Scorpio, the previous sign, that seems to know exactly, precisely what it wants. And it could not be more different than the salty, ruddy energy of Capricorn that aspires in tangible ways toward goals that can be expressed.

Sagittarius is different. I would rate it as the most different sign, the feeling of which is often associated with the kind of longing that we think of as spiritual or mystical. It contains a homing signal drawing our consciousness toward a level of consciousness that goes beyond what we consider normal. The elusiveness of Sagittarius can influence those born with the Sun, Moon or ascendant here—they often resist being defined, understood or involving themselves in a commitment, particularly an emotional one.

There's a legitimate spiritual basis for this—the kinds of attachments that our world proffers the most often also the same things that can be the most serious stumbling blocks to spiritual growth.

At the same time there's a good reason that to one side of Sagittarius we have Scorpio, the among most sexual and emotional signs. To the other side is Capricorn, the sign of worldly aspiration, achievement and leadership. Think of Sagittarius not as a destination in itself but as an excursion you can take. those born under this sign or with it prominent in their charts are living, in part, to understand what is beyond this world—not for entertainment, but to build a tangible relationship.

With the Sun transiting Sagittarius for the next 30 days and nights, those who are paying attention will all get a taste of that journey. I'll be chronicling some its features over the next few weeks.

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