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A Little More of Everything 

  • Eric Francis Coppolino

First, for those following the George Zimmerman trial and is wondering how he was acquitted, I've covered that in this week's edition of Planet Waves FM. I also cover the astrology that I'm about to describe in an easy to follow presentation.

We are in one of those concentrated moments that's in tune with the 2012-era theme of everything all at once. The next few days call for proceeding with awareness and precision, doing your best not to over-react, and being clear with others. Don't assume they understand you, or that your message has come across.

Politely verify everything.

The main event, the one that we're most likely to be feeling, is Mercury stationing direct in Cancer on Saturday, July 20. Mercury has been retrograde since June 26. That was about three weeks ago. I know it simultaneously seems like a lot longer and like it was five minutes ago.

All the usual cautions apply: pay attention when handling technology and finances; avoid signing agreements till at least Tuesday if you can avoid it. The real benefits of this event are emotional and intuitive.

The really beautiful thing about this Mercury station (change of directions) is that it's happening in an exact trine to Chiron in Pisces. This opens up the flow of feelings, ideas and communications.

Mercury usually moves quickly; that is its specialty. The exception is during a station, when for a couple of days it slows down to the speed of an outer planet, thereby gaining emphasis and power. In this case that strength is emphasized by the spiritual healing properties of Chiron, which will open the way to a real conversation about what you feel, what you need, what is influencing your life, and anything else that is deep and challenging to discuss.

There's an ease factor in this trine, which offers encouragement to actually open your mouth and speak, and open your ears and listen. Most of all, listen to yourself. This is astrology approaching a description of perfect intuition. In the style of Pisces and the water signs, let it percolate; feel what you discover. Let your learning process be a full-spectrum experience. Notice the meeting place of your mental knowledge and your intuitive or spiritual knowledge.

We then have a series of planetary sign changes. On Saturday, an important asteroid called Pallas Athene changes signs into Cancer. Monday, Venus changes signs to Virgo. These are two more changes that combine emotional and mental levels of intelligence. That is the theme of the weekend, and it comes up many different ways.

Venus in Virgo is a reminder that there's no such thing as purity. If you're not a virgin, don't try to pretend you are; you are a full adult. The notion of purity throws one of the biggest wrenches into the human experience. It takes many forms, mostly in the intellectualizing of emotional experiences, obsession with control and the notion that sex is too messy to really deal with in a conscious way.

Denial often substitutes for purity—and it's not the answer. Focus and awareness are the answer, which would lead to conscious choosing of your experience and what you want to share.

Pallas in Cancer reminds me of a recent New York Times article claiming that university-age women are seeking sex without the emotional complications of relationships. It's like responding to the desire to nurture someone with your presence by handling them with tongs and asbestos gloves. The question to ask is, what's the appropriate emotional closeness?

Then Monday at 11:56fam EDT, the Sun changes signs to Leo. This happens just a few hours before the Aquarius Full Moon, which is at 2:15 pm EDT. These events may arrive with the sensation of everything coming to a head. As part of this process, the Sun and Moon change signs within a few hours of one another. That describes a situation that may be changing rapidly, and which may be confusing in the process—but which has a dependable outcome.

The key here is to not push your need for certainty where it's not appropriate or not possible. Know what you want, be clear what you expect from others, observe the known facts and be aware when you're missing information. Focus on relating to others in a clear way.

The sky and the situations that it describes are moving quickly, so I suggest that rather than grasp for certainty, guide yourself gently and consider everything a work in process.

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