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A Poem: Bees Go Ape 

For Nick Flynn

Nick had been driving
driving a long time with his bees
He thought he heard them but he really
couldn’t hear them but he felt them he felt them
he felt them vibrate and he started to vibrate started
to vibrate in his truck full of bees and after all those miles
through all those states he felt the bees talk to him telling him
things telling him things that he didn’t want to hear in his truck
full of bees his truck full of bees he had trouble keeping his foot
on the gas in his truck full of bees They were telling him about their
queen about themselves drones workers slaves told him things he didn’t
want to hear in his truck full of bees and he had trouble trouble concentrating
concentrating on the way to the bridge to the Brooklyn Bridge and once he was
on it once he was on the Brooklyn Bridge it became the buzzing bridge the buzzing
bridge sounded just like bees talking drones droning wheels droning droning and he had
trouble keeping his foot on the gas and he felt like he had to stop because bee sounds
in his body in his ears in his body got louder the droning of wheels on bridge bed
was deafening dangerous encouraging the bees enraging the bees they wanted to leave
the truck leave the truck they wanted to get out and do their work those bees were buzzing
to do their work they told him they would sting him if they couldn’t do their work sting him
sing him into oblivion if they couldn’t do their work They began to call for other bees
bees from Brooklyn hives from Jersey hives bees from everywhere rooftop bees homegrown
bees foreign bees bees from all nations Jewish bees Catholic bees Wasp bees Buddhist bees
so Nick swerved suddenly and crashed and the bees shook in their wooden box hives and those
box hives shook and shattered shook and shattered and the bees got out of their wooden
box hives got out of their hives and out of the truck and didn’t sting him couldn’t care
less about him but found all the other bees joined all the other bees and made for the sky
saw the green statue and covered it with themselves thrilled to swarm Lady Liberty
bring her to writhing life cover her in gold right there in their new bee harbor fit for a queen
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