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Aquarius Horoscope | January 2020

Aquarius Horoscope | January 2020

Loneliness can be a good friend to you this month if you use the time to do some cleaning of your past.


Aquarius Horoscope | December 2019

Those thoughts and memories you've stored away for years might make an appearance this month. Face them head-on!


Aquarius Horoscope | November 2019

The seeds you plant this month will have long lasting effects.


Aquarius Horoscope | October 2019

Use October as your strength building month and foster relationships through friendships.


Aquarius Horoscope | September 2019

This month you must allow your instincts to be your guide or suffer the consequences of suppressing them later.


Aquarius Horoscope | August 2019

Your emotions will run hot this month, but don't make any permanent decisions without stopping to think.


Aquarius Horoscope | July 2019

If you can handle the relatively light stuff, you can be trusted with the inevitable heaviness as well.


Aquarius Horoscope | June 2019

In order to change the world, one must start from within. Use this month to get familiar with yourself'.


Aquarius Horoscope | May 2019

Those little annoyances you've been working on will finally fall away and make sense to you.


Aquarius Horoscope | April 2019

Take wise advice as offered from sages and experts rather than going it alone now.


Aquarius Horoscope | March 2019

A new communication opportunity enables both your persuasive abilities and your outreach to the like-minded.


Aquarius Horoscope | February 2019

The Aquarian New Moon on February 4 will inspire your legendary humanitarian instincts.


Aquarius Horoscope: January 2019

Reconfirm your core commitments to your personal values and ideological priorities.


Aquarius Horoscope: December 2018

(January 20–February 19)
Now that the pressure is dissipating you can take stock of your achievements and congratulate yourself on having come out the other end.


Aquarius Horoscope: November 2018

You may be so tired after the latest series of ideological wars you'd like to sleep for a year or take an extended vacation. Renew your strength and energy by disengaging from collective struggles for a time.


Aquarius | Hudson Valley Horoscope October 2018




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