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Aquarius Horoscope | August 2022

Aquarius Horoscope | August 2022

Leave behind detached neutrality and stick to your principles whatever the cost.


Aquarius Horoscope | July 2022

Tend to your mind-body connection this month, creating the routines and systems to support yourself.


Aquarius Horoscope | June 2022

You’re a quirky, mad-scientist-style superstar but you'll have to put in the work to prove yourself.


Aquarius Horoscope | May 2022

Developing a practice to get out of your head and into your body should be your top priority.


Aquarius Horoscope | April 2022

Get clear on what you want to accomplish, this week will bring tools to see your projects with fresh eyes.


Aquarius Horoscope | March 2022

Time's are changing, don't take it personally and let your individuality shhine.


Aquarius Horoscope | February 2022

AQUARIUS (January 20–February 19)


Aquarius Horoscope | January 2022

Some sense of restriction is easing as you regain some of your own equilibrium and self-confidence.


Aquarius Horoscope | December 2021

Your genius ideas aren’t translating well to mere mortals at the start of the month. Hold your fire and refine your elevator pitch.


Aquarius Horoscope | November 2021

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 19)


Aquarius Horoscope | October 2021

Stick to your own truth, don't get distracted by others' drama.


Aquarius Horoscope | September 2021

This month harness your power to inspire with intelligent use of your resources, intimacies, and valuables.


Aquarius Horoscope | August 2021

Brace yourself for an energetic whiplash that will have you checking your route and progress since the beginning of the year.


Aquarius Horoscope | July 2021

Are you the irresistible force or the immovable object?


Aquarius Horoscope | June 2021

Connections lurking right under the surface emerge and energize your creative juices.


Aquarius Horoscope | May 2021

May brings some unwanted drama for Aquarius this month.



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