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For July 2012

Aquarius (January 20-February 19)
You tend to need a lot of reassurance before you take any kind of risk—and you have that now. Yet even if external validation is available, I suggest you emphasize what’s coming from within, because you are the person you’re most likely to listen to. Most of the time we think of achievement as something we reach for. It’s “up there,” away from us. The sensation of your charts is gently stretching your capacities from within. Think of it as being a bigger person, rather than a better one. Imagine that you encompass more possibilities, and that you’re friends with a diversity of potential outcomes, rather than being attached to any one. Contrary to popular folklore, Aquarius is one of the more conservative signs of the 12. This raises the question of your relationship to fear. You don’t really believe the worst-case outcome is the one that’s going to happen—why do you so often conduct yourself as if you do? Now life is encouraging you to take some chances of a sort that you have not experimented with in a long time. Yet you do have experience with stretching yourself in this way. You may feel like you need extra courage to account for the extra risk involved, though I would say that curiosity will serve you better. In its most valuable form, this would be curiosity about yourself—which will serve you many ways.
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