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Arts and culture are what define the Hudson Valley.
The communities along the river are cultural wellsprings, with an abundance of performances, like music and dance, and creative communities for artists and writers. The region also boasts world-class theaters and museums, like Dia:Beacon, Bard’s Fisher Center, and the Bardavon. The region’s vibrant culture can only be matched by the Hudson Valley’s history, still evident in the form of its historic buildings, streets, and landmarks.


Tom Pacheco Performs for Peace with Rosendale Concert

The acclaimed signer-songwriter will appear this Saturday.

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“Linda Montano: The Art/Life Hospital”

A Multimedia Installation at the Dorsky Museum
The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at SUNY New Paltz announces “Linda Montano: The Art/Life Hospital,” an exhibition that explores the Hudson Valley-based artist’s explorations of healing, aging and death.

Tags: Visual Art

Unison Arts Center Roars into 2019

After nearly closing a few years ago, Unison Arts Center in New Paltz is roaring into 2019 with more eclectic programming than ever.

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The Big Takeover Dominates Hudson This Month

The beloved reggae band has released a new video and will appear at Club Helsinki on December 29.

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On the Cover: Nadine Boughton

This series of collage works by artist Nadine Boughton shows the sanitized high class women of the Modess sanitary napkin campaign in the 1950s in a new context—back in touch with nature.

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Chronogram Poetry | December 2018

There are things in life that you have to do, but don’t want to do. For example, I don’t want to go to your funeral. —Louisa Zelek (7 years) Reply This is my blood smeared on the page, my eyes enucleated, my tongue on rye, my anger, my sorrow, my wet stench, the pulpy mass of my cerebellum laid out in quarters, my blood, sticky as corn syrup, coating everything, my every last betrayal and sneer and fart, my every word a rebuke to the necessary folly of words. I won’t ask if it’s good enough, as if a field asks the wind am I good enough, but in the end I won’t make it past the end, like cows die I will die, another cow life another cow death, these words, the innards of my cow dreams, rotting somewhere beyond critique. —Chris Watkins When You Love when you love someone it never goes away you might will it gone you can live another life in another place but the place you loved will never leave it will never be far away and in the night when you are happiest she will come back to you and you will love her once more and know nothing has changed and the end is the beginning it is one and the same —Richard Donnelly Five Fading Memories of November 1. Gunshots. A Lincoln convertible. Walter Cronkite’s tears. A black veil. The wheels of the caisson. 2. A Lincoln convertible. Walter Cronkite’s tears. A black veil. The wheels of the caisson. Gunshots. 3. Walter Cronkite’s tears. A black veil. The wheels of the caisson. Gunshots. A Lincoln convertible. 4. A black veil. The wheels of the caisson. Gunshots. A Lincoln convertible. Walter Cronkite’s tears. 5. The wheels of the caisson. Gunshots. A Lincoln convertible. Walter Cronkite’s tears. A black veil. —J R Solonche X-XX-VIII Goddess ravaged by a swan On green lawn at golden dawn, god of thunder he looked down on golden shadows mixed with brown. Suddenly swan of white and blue flapped its wings and away it flew. Bereft and left on the mead, goddess rode off on black stead. Thunder god was very wrought in Valhalla halls of thought and his mood was black as night in cloudy sky without star light. Swan is gone forever now, drops of pearl on emerald bough. —Roger Whitson Stolen Names, Heavy Grips The days have grown longer, friend Since your ashes were scattered Into the depths of San Francisco Bay Since the world looked at your remains And thought they knew a damn thing Of love, or anger, or of you A tattoo of a compass and “Oh Captain, My Captain” Don’t mean a damn thing, friend When I still can’t find you anymore You vanished into your lamp while We were all left hunting for an answer That you found in your belt And an escape that we found In a prosthetic latex mask and a set of dice It was always a mask with you, friend When I had first heard the news I began to write my second suicide note If you couldn’t make it then Who the hell am I to think I can? Who the hell am I to think you could? It’s sunrise, my boy, but I am not smiling The days have grown longer, friend I am so tired, my chest is collapsing With nothing but metal to prop it up Now that I’ve stopped remembering It’s just in and out, in and out, in and out I miss you. So much- so much it’s crushing, friend. Come back. Please. Just come back. You made the world laugh, I promise I’ll get you to smile We owe you that much, just come back Come back and see what you left behind I promise it’ll be worth it, seeing it all Would you do it? Would you come see it? Can you hear us? Are you there, friend? —William Ballner Sunday Cigarettes burn slower when god is watching with the sunken eyes of Saturday night. —Rachel Kohler Trash Pickup A bear is taking my garbage for free, but it leaves it on my lawn. —Matthew J. Spireng A Human Mystery not a heavenly one, how to die, how to say, let me return to dust. The journey of the boat over great distances, water is only metaphor and darkness too—we say it cannot be seen beyond, but we do, light breaks through, though brokenly. Not so with us, at our end there is the last breath and a going out and then the rising stair we imagine after, hanging there invisibly—something to console, holding all we have yet to know —Jory Mickelson The Tree Outside My Window: Autumn She blushes in shades of apricot, orange blossom honey, sunsets when I gaze out my window from my bed, reluctant to leave her side, afraid to find her bare when I return. Winter She shivers in shades of pearl, fresh cream, hand- written letters, when I gaze out my frosted window, unable to leave her side, knowing I won’t see her in shades of fall again. —Mariel Stein The Backwards Geese (from the gate outside South Egremont School) With my hand on the just-frozen chain that holds the gate       that pens in my son and his kindergarten classmates             in a perpetual game of pick-up soccer, swishing       crackles golden brown about their ankles, I look up to see a curious sight:       a rigidly regimented squadron of Canada geese             vectoring north / northeast overhead       toward more northern New England, beyond             the no-longer foliant Green Mountains past the not-yet-Whites,       along the St Lawrence toward the Maritimes as if time could run backwards at their beckoning;       as if winter could recede from my fingers and the white gate swing wide,             with the fall riot returning to the bracketing treelimbs,       thence to turn verdant and alive, the schoolyard now summer-empty. And on they fly, geometrically bent against the wind and the tides,       bringing back my son’s first lost tooth, summoning his sister             to this hallowed ground, where she too grows younger,       and recedes a school, and marvels at her baby brother’s disappearance,             then engenders hilarious anxiety on the part of her parents       who can’t wait to see her too sown into her mother’s womb. The school buses grow bigger and boxier, still insistently yellow,       and SUVs yield the road to station wagons,             thence model Ts to horses to children’s schoolward feet;       telephones grow inexorably larger, landing finally             on the walls of our own parents’ homes, and televisions taking       the opposite course, losing screen-size and pixelation at every step,             dropping their colors, squeezed out by radios, then books, then voices. But the chain is not thawing between my fingers, nor the autumnal soccer game       surrendering to summer sports, nor my son, unaware of the perilous passage he             nearly undertook, growing younger. For these are “resident” geese,       not avatars any longer but everyday aviators.             Immune from the seasonal imperative, they dream       of a perfect future of unblemished angles; Unable to reverse time’s arrow, they ignore it outright,       banking by hard angles against chronology’s calculus,             opting out entirely from their migratory birthright,       leaving me, the one who holds the gate, the one who knows the date,             and time, and forecast, in my own fugue. —A. J. Kohlhepp Maybe The Sun sets at high noon Why does time have to come so soon? Social gatherings and Local conversations Is all such a Ridiculous accusation. Human beings first — Scientific Name, HOMOSAPIEN This is the exact Justification? Maybe. —Erin Scoville do you see the crows at my window? they are looking for something what dark damage do they bring? what do they want? i’ve searched, there is nothing in this empty room —p...

Tags: Poetry

9 Hudson Valley Books to Gift this Holiday Season

Here’s a round-up of must-have gift books from local authors, all available at those worthy bastions of freedom of expression, democracy, and ingenious entrepreneurship—your local independent bookstore.

Tags: Books & Authors

The Faces of Atlas Studios: A Creative Hub in Newburgh

Like many of the tenants at Atlas Studios, Thomas Wright and Joseph Fratesi moved their business from Brooklyn. In 2013, they bought and moved into a 55,000-square-foot warehouse. Now five years later, Atlas Studios is a creative powerhouse in Newburgh with over 40 tenants ranging from furniture makers to bookbinders.

Tags: Visual Art

9 Things to Do in the Hudson Valley this December

From art exhibits to holiday markets to candlelit house tours, here are 9 fun cultural activities to embark on this December.

Tags: Music

"Our Town: Images of Woodstock" at WAAM

A new show at WAAM offers insight into what Woodstock was like before the tourists and the festival changed everything.

Tags: Visual Art

Lea DeLaria Stars in "Oh F*ck It's Christmas"

An Irreverent Holiday Show at the Fisher Center
An interview with Lea DeLaria of the hit Netflix show 'Orange is the New Black' who will be performing her irreverent holiday show at Bard on 12/8.

Tags: Comedy

Speedy Ortiz Plays at Colony in Woodstock 12/2

An interview with the band 'Speedy Ortiz'.

Tags: Music

8 Art Exhibits to See this December in the Hudson Valley

Several Hudson Valley art shows to check out this December.

Tags: Visual Art

Live Music Shows in the Hudson Valley | December 2018

Hudson Valley venues offering live music performances this December.

Tags: Music

"All of Us" Portraits of Ghent Citizenry by Richard Beaven

A broad photographic survey of the present-day Ghent citizenry in honor of the town's centennial.

Tags: Visual Art

Robbie Dupree Remastere

John Burdick reviews the remastered releases of two Robbie Dupree albums.

Tags: Music

Album Review: Happy Rhodes | Ectotrophia

Sharon Nichols revuews Ectotrophia, a new record by Happy Rhodes.

Tags: Music

Album Review: Johnny Irion | Driving Friend

Jason Broome reviews the new album by Johnny Irion, Driving Friend.

Tags: Music

Album Review: Plan B | From Outer Space

Peter Aaron reviews Plan B's latest album, From Outer Space.

Tags: Music

Hand Made Here

Put on by Hudson River Exchange, Hand Made Here is a holiday pop up event offering a wide selection of distinctive handcrafted items. This year, Hand Made Here will take over two shops on Warren Street in Hudson, welcoming shoppers every day from 11am-5pm for 5 weeks from Black Friday through Christmas Eve.

Tags: Festivals

See "The Day" Before It Dawns at Lumberyard

A Work in Progress Featuring Maya Beiser and Wendy Whelan
On December 7 and 8, the public will have the rare opportunity to watch The Day, a work in progress by choreographer Lucinda Childs, at Lumberyard in Catskill, more six months before its premiere at Jacob’s Pillow.

Tags: Dance

SUNY New Paltz Faculty Nadia Sablin Awarded Guggenheim Fellowship

Photographs From Russia
Nadia Sablin, assistant professor of photography at SUNY New Paltz, has been awarded a 2018 Guggenheim Fellowship to deepen her focus on a decade-long project photographing her ancestral village in Russia.

Tags: Visual Art

They Might Be Giants Perform in Pawling

The quirky alternative rock duo will visit Daryl's House Club next month.

Tags: Music

Ryan Montbleau's New Live Album Was Recorded in Woodstock Area

The acclaimed singer-songwriter's latest release documents last year's intimate local appearance.

Tags: Music

Puddles Pity Party at Bardavon this Sunday 11/18

Puddles Pity Party—he sad clown with the golden throat that took the internet by storm—brings his repertoire of captivating and melodramatic covers to Bardavon in Poughkeepsie this Sunday, November 18 at 7pm.

Tags: Music

Shemekia Copeland Sings in Beacon on Saturday

The blues diva will appear at the Towne Crier Cafe.

Tags: Music

Upcycled Textile Marvels & More at Holiday Shindy

A Makers' Fair at the Shire City Sanctuary on December 8-9
At Holiday Shindy in Pittsfield, MA browse through treasure troves of the finest handmade ceramics, jewelry, decor, toys, apothecary and more in the enchanting setting of the Shire City Sanctuary on December 9, 2018.

Tags: Festivals

Radio Woodstock Presents: The Felice Brothers Thanksgiving Eve Homecoming Concert

The Locally Grown Folk Quartet Plays Bearsville Theater on 11/21
The locally grown folk-rock quartet, The Felice Brothers, comprised of brothers and friends will play Bearsville Theater on Wednesday November 21 with Not My Sister opening the show.

Tags: Music

Yungchen Lhamo and Natalie Merchant Play Kingston on Saturday

The two singers and guests will perform at the Old Dutch Church in a concert to benefit Lhamo's One Drop of Kindness charity project.

Tags: Music

Eat, Drink & Be Merry at Hudson's Newest Cinema

Cosmic Cinemas Offers Craft Beer, Wine, Cocktails & Made-to-Order Bites
Remember when going to the cinema was a great night out? Many of us do most of our movie-watching at home these days, and while it is convenient, it’s just not the same—the big screen, the lowered lights, the concessions, the collective gasp or laughter shared with strangers. At mainstream mall cineplexes, a lot of the mojo was lost long ago. Nobody misses overpriced snackbar junk or the plasticized environment, and at least at home you can have a drink. Well, rejoice. There’s a whole new option for an evening out coming to Hudson this week. Terrell Braly, known for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and Cinebarre brands, is taking over the former Fairview in Hudson and opening a three-screen Cosmic Cinema on November 16. Tables have replaced the rows of seats, the former Angela’s Pizza and Pasta at 160 Fairview Avenue has been converted into a restaurant kitchen, and moviegoers can enjoy chef-made appetizers, entrees, desserts, and cocktails onsite, during the feature presentation. It’ll be the first restaurant/bar/cinema combo north of Yonkers, and Braly is excited to bring the concept to Columbia County. The upstate locations (there’s another planned for Albany) are very considered choices. “‘Hudson is undergoing a major artistic and entertainment renaissance,” Braly says, “Cosmic Cinemas is excited to have the opportunity to be part of it.” Braly’s establishments bring a whole new meaning to dinner and a movie. The overpriced Milk Duds and licorice whips? Gone, baby, gone. Instead, come hungry. You’ll be seated at a comfy table, savoring fresh-baked pizza, or maybe a burger or veggie burger with some hand-cut fries. The stale coffee has been replaced by Teavana organic, hot or iced, and Harmony and Sons organic teas. There are milkshakes made with premium hand-dipped ice cream, cheesecake drizzled with strawberry sauce, and hot apple pie for dessert. And get this, they’re keeping the good part of the snack bar: You can order a nice big bowl of fresh popcorn. With butter, if you like—real butter. Then there’s the bar, offering craft beer, wine and cocktails. Not only do you get real food, there’s no need to supplement a weak $5 fountain soda from your pocket flask. Keep it classy and above board, when you opt for a Hudson Brewing stout or a Crossroads golden ale, a cider, a wine, a cocktail. Civilized kids accompanied by a parent are welcome—there’s even a kid’s menu—but babies are not, nor are unchaperoned minors. Nor are cell phones. Talking during the feature is against the rules. You know, the rules we all want each other to live by in a movie theatre. Well, at Cosmic Cinemas, they’ll be enforced. Braly’s concept—providing mature movie lovers good food and libations in an environment free of distraction and annoyance—sounds like it will bear more resemblance to a private screening room for first-run and art-house bookings, premieres, celebrity appearances, and themed festivals. A fine meal and a fine film enjoyed among like-minded company? We’re there. ...

Tags: Film

Album Review: Eleanor Friedberger | Rebound

John Burdick reviews Eleanor Friedberger's latest record, Rebound.

Tags: Music

Kingston's Shana Falana Covers Depeche Mode

In her new music video, the shoegaze diva does the 1980s synth-popper's haunting "Stripped."

Tags: Music

Hudson Valley VegFest | November 3 & 4

A Seitanic Ritual
The Hudson Valley gets its first vegan festival.

Tags: Festivals

Thurston Moore Plays Kingston Tomorrow Night

The Sonic Youth guitarist bring his group to BSP for a night of instrumental explorations.

Tags: Music

Chronogram Poetry | November 2018 Issue

A selection of poems submitted by readers and edited by Phillip X. Levine.

Tags: Poetry

Q&A with Jillian Fisher, Hudson Valley Location Scout

With the Hudson Valley bathed in the gentle glow of limelight from its burgeoning film production, we spoke to industry insider and location scout Jillian Fisher about work, travel, and the regional film industry.

Tags: Film


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