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Astrology Forecast for January 2018 

Planets in a Minor Key

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Pholus and Quaoar in Capricorn

Pholus was the second planet designated in the centaur group, discovered in 1992. Pholus orbits the Sun in 92 years. The discovery of (5145) Pholus opened up a floodgate of centaur and Kuiper belt discoveries, now numbering more than a thousand.

Welcome to the energy of Pholus, which comes in two main forms: the uncontrollable, uncontainable reaction, and the small cause with a big effect. Pholus is involved in the seemingly nonstop revelation of sexual misconduct. Alternately, if someone takes a single dose of a homeopathic remedy, and that helps a person heal from an illness, we have an example of the small cause with a big effect.

Pholus enters Capricorn on January 20, 2018, which plunges it into the realm of corporations and government. Isn't it amazing that with all the infinite varieties of corporate exploitation and criminal activity, all we've heard about anytime lately is sexual transgression? We may be hearing about a lot more than that as this transit develops.

Ten years after the discovery of Pholus, an object called Quaoar was discovered way out in the Kuiper belt, past Pluto.

Named for the creator god of the Tongva people (who used to inhabit what is now the LA-area), its technical classification is "cubewano." Originally called 2002 LM60, it was considered such an important discovery that it was given the designation (50000) Quaoar. It takes just over 287 years to orbit our Sun.

Now that you know all of that, here's the news: Quaoar was discovered in Sagittarius, where it was until mid-December, when it entered Capricorn. At its essence, Quaoar is about family patterns. And now it's in the sign of corporations and governments—and one of the signs most associated with family.

Note that Quaoar in Capricorn is square Salacia in Aries. This is bringing the most impersonal corporate and governmental realms into the personal, individual ones. Yet the underlying message is that this is about the family and what happens there.

For all the taboo associated with the subject, we will discover that sexuality is a family affair, and that everything we experience and see in society is a dramatization of the sexual business within the household and the tribe. All of the sexual misconduct that has been revealed since early October has its origin in the household and in early childhood—along with every other form of sexual reality. And if we're going to be free of this blight, that's where we need to go for our answers.

It is true that the minor planets often represent the subjects neither society nor astrology want to address. Too often we relegate these issues to the courts. However, from where we stand today, ignorance, inaction and deferring to the government are no longer options. It's time to get over ourselves: our shame, embarrassment and guilt; and let our life force out into the open.

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