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This is a past event.

BAU Gallery January Exhibitions

McFerran and Wargo, BAU January 2024
*Gallery 1 - Mary McFerran: “Cords and Knots.” McFerran plays with memory and the senses of grasping and letting go. She combines recycled watercolor paintings and fabric remnants, tying them together with rope and string. *Gallery 2 - Smaller works from BAU Gallery members. Karen Allen, Jebah Baum, Joel Brown, Daniel Berlin, Joel Brown, Robyn Ellenbogen, Matthew Gilbert, Joan Harmon, Nataliya Hines, Linda Lauro-Lazin, Mary McFerran, Kelly M O’Brien, Ilse Schreiber-Noll, Eileen Sackman, Pamela Zaremba *Beacon Room – Olivia Wargo: “Spur.” In paintings oscillating between real and imaginary, guest Olivia Wargo insists on the emotional and aesthetic importance of the