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Chronogram's Annual Readers' Choice Awards

Chronogrammies 2022 Results

Chronogrammies 2022 Results

Jul 1, 2022

They say the third time’s a charm, and we’re certainly charmed with the results of the 2022 Chronogrammies Readers’ Choice Awards. Since emerging from their pandemic cocoons, people have demonstrated quantifiable eagerness to support their favorite local entities.

So let’s quantify: Since the first round of voting kicked off on January 1, close to 20,000 readers participated, casting over 300,000 ballots for their favorite shops, restaurants, cultural venues, and organizations across a whopping 247 categories. That’s almost double last year’s numbers, and we are counting.

One thing that’s clear from this year’s ballot? People love their bagels. This was the most-voted Chronogrammies category, with longtime Kingston favorite Sunrise Bagel & Deli winning by a landslide. (They really schmeared up their fans, eh?) Oh, and people also swear by their hair stylists, a new category this year. Shout out to Becky Bugarin at Fringe Hair Design, who snatched first place with thunderous support from the well-coiffed folks of Woodstock. Other new categories included physical therapist, bridal boutique, pho,
and education institutions of all levels.

Congratulations to all the Chronogrammies winners and a big thanks to readers and supporters. We can’t do the “Readers’ Choice” Awards without you, our readers!