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Domestic Pandemic: Stories from the Home Front

Domestic Pandemic: Stories from the Home Front

In April, we put out the call for submissions for first-person accounts of life in the contagion. The frustrations, the joys, the disruption, the boredom. We asked for journal entries, to-
do lists, letters to dead relatives, manifestos, cries in the dark, homilies—every scrap of it. We wanted to get a snapshot of what it’s like to live right now, during this very strange time.

We were a bit (delightfully) overwhelmed by the response: We received over 100 submissions for this section. (Phillip Levine, our poetry editor, put out his own call and received 1,200 poems!) The writings were randomly paired with COVID-19 photo/artwork submissions. 

Thanks to all who submitted. Many worthy pieces didn’t make the cut simply because we didn’t have enough room. 

Here is a collective portrait of life under COVID-19. May we never pass this way again.

—Brian K. Mahoney

  • Why We Stayed Home

    Why We Stayed Home

    by Kristopher Jansma
  • Isolation To-Do List

    Isolation To-Do List

    by Pete Mauney
  • An Excellent Grocery Store

    An Excellent Grocery Store

    by Amitava Kumar
  • Benched


    by Jesse J. Smith
  • Scarlet Fever

    Scarlet Fever

    by Marge Boyle
  • A Toilet Paper Tale

    A Toilet Paper Tale

    by Judith Emilie
  • Cool as a Cucumber

    Cool as a Cucumber

    by Adrienne Truscott
  • Thursday


    by Abbe Aronson
  • Crumby


    by Erica Ruggiero
  • Back Up Buster

    Back Up Buster

    by Martha Frankel
  • Day 21

    Day 21

    by Jana Martin
  • Insomnia


    by Hillary Harvey
  • All This Difference

    All This Difference

    by Heather Hope Dell'Amore
  • My Seder

    My Seder

    by Laura Rose
  • A New Day

    A New Day

    by Maya Horowitz
  • Elevator Virus

    Elevator Virus

    by Joe White
  • Every Scrap of It

    Every Scrap of It

    by Molly Gamache
  • Closing Time

    Closing Time

    by Lisa A. Phillips
  • The Full-Time Quarantine

    The Full-Time Quarantine

    by Nicole Clanahan
  • Trapped


    by Violet Snow
  • Front-Line Grocer

    Front-Line Grocer

    by Elmore Kensing
  • Essential Service

    Essential Service

    by Jennifer Gutman
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