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Tuthilltown Spirits on the Rise

Tuthilltown Spirits Distillery in Gardiner is recognized for its quality nationally and plans to expand and unroll new flavors soon.


Drinking's a Hoot at the Yard Owl Brewery in Gardiner

You would be wise to check out the tasty new line of drinks from Yard Owl Craft Brewery, a brewpub based out of Gardiner, NY. When he isn't in making coffee at the Mud Puddle in New Paltz, NY, co-founder James Walsh is perfecting his line of Belgian-style beers on the side. Along with his partner, Kristop Brown, the duo pays homage to the old-world style by creating crowd-pleasing beers with an emphasis on simplicity and taste.This company has been turning heads since 2012 and the brew-duo aims to launch their canned series in June.


Kingston Standard Brewing Co. Brings Oysters & German-Style Beer to Midtown

The Kingston Standard Brewing Co. aims to bring local folks together in a community-oriented space to drink and enjoy each others' company. The company strays from the popular IPA driven mission of most breweries, and instead provides light, drinkable beer and fresh, succulent oysters to foster a satisfying night out. While they primarily produce traditional Ales and Lagers, they also craft mixed fermentation style beers, including lambics and Flemish reds. However, this recently opened brewery is ever-expanding its drink list, so repeat customers will see more options arise in the future and can enjoy local wine and cider options available in the meantime.


The State of the Hudson Valley Craft Beer Industry

From beer to spirits and wine, all sectors of the Hudson Valley’s craft beverage industry are growing at unprecedented rates.


High Spirits: The State of the Hudson Valley Craft Distilling Industry

An estimated 40 craft distilleries will be in operation in the region by year's end (of the 180 in New York). Like the now-explosive beer industry, craft distilling started out tentatively, at times below the radar, but quickly found a fan base.


The Hudson Valley's Wine Industry Reaches Critical Mass

While the Hudson Valley’s robust craft beverage scene may seem like a new phenomenon, this fertile region is actually home to America’s oldest winery and its oldest vineyard. In the past few years, local beer and spirits may have overshadowed wine, but the Hudson Valley vintners paved the way for so many others and their work is finally gaining recognition.


Hudson Valley Malt Makes Grain-to-Glass Local Brews A Reality

One of the major turning points in the Hudson Valley craft beverage surge took place in 2015, when husband and wife Dennis Nesel and Jeanette Spaeth opened Hudson Valley Malt, paving the way for truly local grain-to-glass production.


Mead: The Oldest & Latest Trend in Craft Beverage

Slate Point in Dutchess County Leads the Local Mead Industry
With a more than 7,000-year legacy, mead, a fermented beverage made from honey, is likely humanity's original alcoholic drink. The golden-hued elixir is coming back around for a victory run, with the ancient art form meeting cutting edge of craft beverage expertise. Like cider before it, mead is way different than what you thought. Get ready for your new favorite drink.


Whitecliff Vineyard: Come for the View, Stay for the Wine

This Pioneering Gardiner Wine-Maker Celebrates 20 Years
In the fall of 1998, long before the Hudson Valley was national craft beverage mecca, before the words “Napa of the East” had ever been uttered, husband and wife Michael Migliore and Yancey Stanforth-Migliore produced their first vintage on the nascent Whitecliff Vineyard in Gardiner.


5 Best Breweries in Dutchess County

With over a dozen breweries and more cropping up all the time, Dutchess County has more than enough on tap to keep beer lovers happy (and busy!). To get you started on your way to hoppy heaven, here is a subjective guide to the top 5 breweries in Dutchess County.


Top 5 Breweries in Columbia County

With the proliferation of breweries over the past decade, it can be hard to know where to start. Stick with Chronogram as we tour the region's brewing facilities and taprooms to bring you the top 5 in each county of the Mid-Hudson Valley. Here are the can't-miss breweries in Columbia County.


Industrial Arts Brewing Opens a Second Facility & Taproom in Beacon

In Spring 2019, Industrial Arts Brewing will unveil a second production facility, taproom, and event space on Fishkill Avenue in Beacon. The repurposed 150,000-square-foot warehouse will have ample outdoor seating and panoramic mountain views, a New York State-focused beverage program, beer to-go, and food truck partners.


Hudson Valley Brewery High-Design Cans

Beacon-based outfit Hudson Valley Brewery is leading the local charge with their high-design cans.


Over a Barrel: Quercus Cooperage Revives a Lost Trade

After teaching himself the lost trade of coopering, master woodworker John Cox is producing barrels to supply the shortage prompted by the exponential growth of New York State’s craft beverage industry.


Potent History Comes Full Circle at Dutch’s Spirits

From Mobster Moonshine Operation to Above-Board Distillery
On October 10, 1932, the FBI raided a secluded, pretty spot in quiet Pine Plains—the tunnel-ridden, bootlegging hotspot of mobster Dutch Schultz. Eighty-six years later, the property is slated to reopen as an above-board brewery with the inaugural spirit will be Schultz wash, an original recipe updated for modern palates.



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