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Art Forms Architecture: Grigori Fateyev's Poetic Approach to Space

Architect Grigori Fateyev is behind some of the most innovative new construction in the Berkshires, taking architecture's basic components and interrogating them to design spaces that elevate the human experience. He loves to surprise, and his methods are 100% sustainable. "All good architecture is green building, he says. "If it's not, what are you even doing?"


Pacama Handmade: Traditional Woodworking in a Modernist Context

Sleek, Timeless Hudson Valley Furniture, Handcrafted to Your Specifications
In a workshop in the foothills of the Catskills, Cedric Martin draws on inspiration from his Amish country roots and his love of modern art to create Pacama Handmade Furniture. The designs are his babies—but the size, color and finish are up to you.


An Acre of One’s Own

Artist Jean Feinberg Finds a Muse in a Neglected West Taghkanic Property
Painter Jean Feinberg gives new life to a one acre compound of dilapidated buildings and forlorn gardens in West Taghkanic, which, in turn, revitalizes her.


A Mid-Atlantic Glassblower Finds a Warm Hudson Valley Welcome

Niche Modern's New Head of Production Pierre Bowring Brings His Craft to Beacon
It was a long and winding road that brought Pierre Bowring to glassblowing—first as a hobby and then as a profession—and it would take few more switchbacks and detours before he finally landed in Newburgh last year with his printmaker and book artist wife, Jeanne didid, working as the new head of production for high-end lighting brand Niche Modern. In addition to preparing for his first child, in his spare time the glass blower is working on line of artisanal barware, which he sells through his online shops, a few choice retailers, and soon at local makers markets.


The Talented Christin Ripley: A Master Ebru Marbler in Catskill

An Ancient Artisanal Textile Technique Finds a Home in the Hudson Valley
In a Catskills shop ans studio, a Cooper Union-trained mistress of the marvelous art of marbling is busy helping build the community as a maker's hub and re-inventing the pillow. "The artists were the original gentrifiers," she says. But Christin Ripley, proprietor of Hand Printed & Sewn Here and Christin Ripley Studios, looks more like a revitalizer thn a gentrifier from where we sit.


Lindal's Custom, Pre-engineered Homes: The Best of Both Worlds

Jennifer and Pascal Smith Couti, the new owners of Atlantic Custom Homes, the Hudson Valley dealership for Lindal Cedar Homes, help their clients create their dream home with a transparent budgeting process.


A Midcentury Modern Temple: At Home with Musicians Hilary Davis and Jordan Moser

Musician-designers Hilary Davis and Jordan Moser build a temple to Mid-Mod sensibilities out of a Mount Beacon A-Frame.


Improving the Guest Experience: Mohonk's Architect Offers Advice

Architect Andrew J. Allison and his firm AJA Architecture, which is responsible for the multiphase expansion plan at Mohonk Mountain house, offer planning and expansion support to the Hudson Valley's current and prospective inn-keepers and hoteliers to help accommodate the surge of tourism.


2019 Kingston Design Showhouse: A Design Destination

A Look Inside the Second Annual Kingston Design Showhouse
Kingston Design Showhouses returns for its second year spotlighting 18 professionals.


Kingston Design Connection Showhouse: Jon Sherman

Jon Sherman had been designing bedrooms since 1983, but he was ready to take the next step in his interior design career—by starting a boutique hotel. He decided on a building in New Orleans with an eye on renovating its interior, and eventually got to the point where a date to sign the lease was set—unfortunately, to September 13, 2001.


Light Up Your Life: Niche's Fall Factory Sale

There’s nothing like the mesmerizing experience of watching colorful glass blown into a variety of unique and stunning shapes—only to become truly one-of-a-kind light fixtures in a matter of hours. It's not every day that you get an inside look at the meticulous artistry behind crafting glass.


Kingston Design Connection Showhouse: Elizabeth Mercer

Many interior designers get stuck on the ratio between functionality and aesthetic appeal—whether a space should be more usable or more beautiful. For Hudson Valley designer Elizabeth Mercer of Mercer INTERIOR, it all comes down to a design principle from famed Chicago architect Louis Sullivan that dates at least back to the 1800s: “form follows function.”


Preservation and Presentation at Valentina Custom Frame

Nothing shows off your personality and design-sense quite like the art and design elements you choose for your walls. And, of course, it can be difficult to decide which one of your favorite pieces you should frame and to find a framer that can keep your art (or other beloved possession) safe throughout the process.


FineHome Source: A Gathering for Discerning Tastes

Looking to build your dream kitchen? Does your home need an appliance upgrade?


Trying to Make Your House Perfect For The Holidays? You Might Want to Start Now

Understanding Way Interiors Design's Timeline to a Stress-Free Home Transformation
As summer winds down and department stores are barely even pulling out Halloween decorations, you might roll your eyes at the thought of preparing anything for the Holiday season already. But, when it comes to your home, and the decision to make thoughtful design choices in time for that joyful (if-stressful) time of year, it’s actually exactly the right time to make moves.



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