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"Distortion: Subverting Reality" Exhibition Opening Reception

Uploaded by Michelle Silver
Evan Samuelson "oneness" 2020. Oil on canvas. 68 x 68 inches.
Distortion Society presents "Distortion: Subverting Reality" in collaboration with Beacon art collective Super Secret Projects. Featuring work by the seven SSP members, the exhibition will examine distortion both literally and figuratively: subverting and manipulating the figure, landscape, perception, reality, politics, and/or identity. Closely tied to the founding principles and ideation behind Distortion Society, this exhibition invites viewers to contemplate the multiplicities of distortion in their lives and how these distorted elements intersect and coexist. Additionally, there will be a music performance of "Terry Riley’s In C on solo electric guitar" by guitarist and composer Ben McClintock, starting at 8pm.