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Editor's Note: 45 | November 2020 

Last Updated: 12/01/2020 1:08 pm
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Billionaire bullyboy. Malignant narcissist. Pussy grabber. Buffoon. Racist. Destroyer of norms. Internet troll. Reality TV star. Arrogant. Benito Cheeto1. Spoiled child. Voted most likely to wipe his genitals on the curtains. Ignorant. Possessor of small-hands. Aggressively incurious. Unpredictable. Venal. Draft dodger. Obnoxious. Snake oil salesman. Bloviator. Incompetent (thankfully). Misogynist. Egotistical. Master of interruption. Amoral. Anti-science. Liar. Fascist with training wheels. Adolf Twitler. Disrespecter of all he surveys. Flirter with white supremacists. Traitor. Vote suppressor. Census terminator. Orange Julius. TV zombie. Extortionist. The nation's most pressing problem. Climate change denier. Veteran hater. Fourth-born. Kisser of dictator's butts. Seventy-four-year-old baby. Angry Creamsicle2. Serial adulterer. Bad businessman. Hair Furor. Bigot. Imprisoner of children. Fomenter of chaos. The death knell of the Republican Party. Abuser of power. Emolument accumulator. Catnip to dimwits. Xenophobe. Believer that there are good people on both sides. Lover of military parades. Gutter of institutions. Misanthrope. Trade warrior without a strategy. Sower of discord. Underminer of faith in government. Clown. America's Burst Appendix3. Prevaricator. Nihilist. Megalomaniac. Illegitimate. Nero by another name. Greedy. Court packer. Failed tyrant. Fake populist. Insane. Nincompoop. Violator of the presidential oath. Vandalizer of the post-war security consensus. Sheltering sky for hate groups. Tangerine Tornado4. Hater of experts and expertise. Vile. Mercurial. Insecure. Unfit leader. Wannabe dictator. Poster child of American decline5. Superspreader. Deployer of National Guard. Threat to democracy. Illiterate. Barbarian at the Debate6. America's Boris Johnson, but worse. Paranoiac. Carnival barker who wandered away from the circus. Corrupt. Conspiracy monger. The Fraud of Fifth Avenue. Pathetic. Impeached. Disseminator of lies. Hypocrite. Egomaniac. Putin lover. Bundle of unchecked desires masquerading as a human. Trumplethinskin7. Demagogue. Mask skeptic. Russian disinformation machine. Defier of court orders. Orange Anus8. Obstructer of investigations. Rage Tweeter. Voter fraud hoaxer. A man of no integrity. Wrecker of all things not directly useful to him. Ignoramus. Lickspittle to autocrats. Schmuck. A character stranger than fiction. Pander Hair9. Charlatan. Wolf in orange clothing. Oval office Dumpster fire. Actor against the public interest. Sufferer of Empathy Deficit Disorder. Benedict Donald. Petulant man-child. Cognitively impaired. Birther. Frightened old man at the end of his tenure. Worst president of all time.

Going. Going. Gone.

1. Greg Proops; 2. Stephen Colbert; 3. Samantha Bee; 4. Dana Carvey; 5. Robert Spencer; 6. Charles M. Blow; 7. Murfster35; 8. Rosie O'Donnell; 9. Elizabeth Harris Burch

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